In today’s blog, I want you to think about the worst boss you have ever had.  I want you to think specifically about what made them the worst boss.

I don’t want to focus on personalities because it’s likely we’ll always clash with some people and get on with others.  Rather, I want you to focus on what they did – their behaviours – that made them seem the worst.  Were they over-demanding?  Did they insist on tasks being completed in super fast time, not realising that the task would actually take twice as long as they thought?  Or were they just a hard task-master – cracking the whip and never giving you any credit for the work you did or saying “thank you”.

Now I want you to think about you and your business – are you over-demanding on yourself?  Do you push yourself hard and never give yourself credit for what you’ve achieved?  When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back?

Hmmm…is this making you think?  When you start a business, you have a big idea about creating a business that is going to be your baby and you fantasise about how much you’re going to nurture it and grow it.  Six months, twelve months later or even a few years later, you wake up and realise you have actually morphed into the worst boss!

In your bid to make your business successful, you find yourself engaging in behaviours which are not very nurturing of yourself and they certainly will not help you and your business to grow – there’s only so much you can do after all!

If you find yourself, or have found yourself, in this situation it’s time to take stock.  It’s time to review your whole approach to the business.  If you don’t do this, how much longer can you carry on at this pace?  If you want to grow your business – and there’s only so much of you and how much you can do – how are you going to realise your dream?

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself:

  1. How am I currently getting things done in the business?
  2. Is this sustainable?
  3. What can I do differently?


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