Today, I want to talk about how important it is to feel the love!  I promise, this is not a hippy blog (though, what’s wrong with that??).  No, today I want you to question whether you enjoy what you do and where you do it.

I spent over a decade in the corporate world and I really enjoyed it.  I started out in a call centre and worked my way up until I was a Vice President in Leadership Development.  I grew and developed so much over the years and I had so many opportunities which I will always be eternally grateful for.  But one of the things that always felt out of kilter for me was whether I felt truly passionate about what the company was aspiring to do.

This is a very important question to ask yourself as you spend a huge portion of your time in the organisation and I believe you have to feel in alignment with what you are there to do.  If you don’t, you can still be a great leader but there will always be something missing.  You want to feel like you’re making a difference and you are contributing to something really powerful and inspirational.  It doesn’t have to be a charity or not-for-profit.  You could love working at a magazine because you believe in what it is about (whether it’s a food, fashion or home magazine) or perhaps something not as glamorous – but a factory that makes play-slides for children (yes, I am looking at my son’s slide in the garden as I write this!!)

It doesn’t matter what the organisation does – you have to feel the love.

Are you thinking I love my job but not feeling passionate about the company?  How can you feel the love if you’re not feeling it right now?

Here are my top 3 strategies to feel the love:

  1. Find something about the company you feel passionate about that can anchor you
  2. Think about how you could make a positive impact
  3. If you really can’t feel it, then determine what it is you want and if your current company is not a good match, find one that is.

You might be thinking this is a big step I’m advocating but if you want to lead an organisation, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk and by aligning your values with the organisation’s, this will make your mission so much easier to accomplish!

The world does not need more business managers – the world needs engaged business leaders and you can be one of them…YES YOU!


Yasmin x