According to the CIPD (Chartered Institue of Personnel & Development – I’m a Chartered member) magazine, within 12 years, half the workforce will be freelance.
get clients for your service business
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That is pretty incredible.

Especially because when I was growing up, the narrative was geared to getting ‘a secure job

With the assumption that that meant you wouldn’t have to worry about bills or paying for the things your family needs.

Except it’s not the truth.

No job is secure. 

Especially in this day and age.

One email, one meeting and that’s it – your job and your ‘security’ is gone.

That’s how it happened to me.

And I was in corporate for 12 years, I was a Vice President of Leadership Development and I had a family to support.

Yet, my security vanished overnight.

So I started my own business and boy was that a rude awakening!

I look back now and realise just how clueless I was…I really thought I knew what I was doing.

I so didn’t!

But after extensive testing, experimenting, big wins and successes and many failures(!), I now know what you need in place to grow a business.

And NOT just any old business but a business that works in 20 hours a week so you can be with your family, enjoy time with your kids, do the school run and ferry them around to all their activities!

If you’ve listened to Gary Vaynerchuck or the countless entrepreneur ‘influencers’ who keep telling you you need to hustle 24/7, remind then you have babies to burp and children to drop to school and don’t forget, they all need to be fed too!

Balancing business and babies is not easy and if your business is a service business (you’re a coach, consultant, freelancer etc), then getting clients and cash into the business is your #1 priority.

But it can be hard to know where to start.

Your Spaghetti Strategy..

What often happens is business owners have a ‘spaghetti strategy‘….basically throw spaghetti at the wall (e.g. content, advertising) and hope it sticks!

Hate to tell you this, but it doesn’t work!

I may have made a lot of mistakes in my time of self employment but all of those experiences has brought me to the point where I have distilled what you need to know – what to focus on and JUST do that.

And I’m sharing all in my free Mind-Map which you can get here

My free mindmap shows you what you need to focus on to grow your business.

Here’s what you DON’T need:

* A website that costs $5,000+
* A branding package that costs $20k
* Flashy images of you on a yacht or sipping cocktails (make mine a mocktail!)
* To wear high heels and slinky dresses (I live in jeans and flats!)
* To spend a fortune on FB ads that you don’t have

Get the Mind-Map ( and I’ll show you just how simple this can be.

Don’t just take my word for it though…

“If you’ve been considering booking a VIP day with Yasmin but haven’t quite gotten around to it – get around to it. I’ve spent thousands on working with coaches and have gotten nowhere near the results in six months that I got with Yasmin in 6 hours. Within 48 hours of my VIP day I’ve rebranded, re-focused and re-ignited my passion for my business. I have 3 income streams and a signature system that totally excites me. I also walked away with an action plan so that I could start building the momentum immediately. I was on the verge of giving up but fortunately allowed myself to invest one last time and what a fantastic investment that was.

Thank you Yasmin, I really can’t put into words how grateful I am.” A. Duffy, UK

Get the Mind-Map


Yasmin xxx

P.S. Want to continue this conversation? Book your free Strategy Session here

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