From working with clients and doing discovery calls, I’ve discovered there are 3 key stages for tiny time business owners:

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Step 1: Path to Profit

Getting clear on WHAT you sell, to WHO and HOW…

And knowing for sure there’s a market for what you’re offering.

Step 2: Consistent Client Attraction

Getting clear on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to CONSISTENT CLIENT ATTRACTION AND INCOME CREATION and doing it!

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Step 3: Leverage Mastery

LEARNING TO LEVERAGE so you can grow without working crazy hours (which we can’t do anyway – or when we try, we just end up burning out). This includes leveraging your time, expertise, resources, networks, systems etc

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You can’t do Step 3 unless you’re solid with Steps 1 & 2.

You cannot build a strong business on flimsy foundations….(just like the 3 little pigs!)

So what stage are you at?

  • Are you clear on your path to profit?
  • Do you know what you offer, to who and how?
  • Are you clear on how to attract prospects, how to turn them into warm prospects, paying clients and repeat buyers?
  • Do you know what works when it comes to attracting clients?
  • Do you know what doesn’t work? (just as important!)
  • Are you consistently focusing on marketing your message, building your community, filling your sales pipeline, being visible, selling?

If you’re not clear on stages 1-2, it’s important you focus your attention on creating extreme clarity on this before you do anything.

Do you need help with this?

It took me a long time to create the clarity for my own business which is why I am passionate about helping others shortcut the process and avoid wasting time and money! If you’d like to know how I can help you craft your Path to Profit and create leverage in your business, book a free discovery call and let’s do Skype cake and coffee!

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Hope you’ve found this quick guide useful – let me know what stage you’re at in the comments section below and what your biggest struggle is.

Love and hugs

Yasmin x