Imagine What You Could Achieve in Just 10 Minutes…


Most people think you can’t get much done in just 10 minutes.
That you might as well just make a coffee and scroll on social media.
It ain’t true!
Your 10 minutes can pack a punch when you know how!
I have spent the last 6 years figuring out how to make the most of every minute so I can run my business in tiny pockets of time.
Now I’m excited to share what I have learnt with you!


Introducing the…

10 Minute Tiny Time Mastery Series


3 super-powerful mini courses that will show you how to master your money, marketing and minutes in just 10 minutes a day!

Here’s what you get….

* Craft your elegant business model

* Setting income goals

* The pricing challenge

* 3 daily rituals to empower your money

* Your 10 Minute Plan

* How to nail your message

* Love and woo your audience

* Where to share your message

* How to create stunning branding images in minutes

* Your 10 Minute Plan

* How to create a 90 day plan that excites!

* Say no to distractions & stay focused

* Stop self sabotage once and for all!

* Switch off without the guilt!

* Your 10 Minute Plan


I’m Yasmin, the creator of Tiny Time Big Results and #1 bestselling and award winning author. After a highly successful 12 year corporate career, I started my own business where I help service business owners like you to run a profitable 20 hour week business.

Creating a profitable and productive business is at the heart of what I teach and this mini course combo will show you how to master your marketing, minutes and money in just 10 minutes a day!

Which means YOU create the income and impact you want without working long hours!

In my tiny time business, I have helped hundreds of business owners to create incredible results and I’d love to help you too!

Yasmin xxx


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