When I talk to business owners, my clients, potential new clients, a common theme keeps emerging.

The sense of overwhelm.

Too much to do and not enough time.

Last night, I watched a program about how to eat well for less.

The family featured said they were too busy to cook fresh food every day yet they went shopping EVERY day for that day’s meals.

My immediate thought was ‘what a waste of time!

And it cost them a fortune!

Rather than planning out the week’s menu and shopping accordingly (btw, this is a life-saver strategy for me personally and actually one of my client’s, Kate Knowler, is creating a brilliant program around this as we speak – if this is something you need help with, you should definitely check her out!)

This example has striking familiarity with business owners.

We don’t plan out our work and stick to it.

We do things daily that take us away from our big goals.

We think we’re being effective but we’re struggling with being busy.

And the cost of doing this is high.

I am guilty of this as well!

And yet, when you make the time to plan out what you need to focus on, be methodical and have no distractions, you actually get so much more done.

And never has this been more important than when you have tiny time.

If you know you have 2 hours for the day’s work, you can’t spend 20 minutes faffing on Facebook.

You just can’t.

This is not about sating you can’t spend time on Facebook or any other social media, or dealing with emails or fire-fighting problems or issues.

It’s about making time for what moves the needle in your business.

What actually makes the business grow.

Instead of posting in multiple Facebook groups in a mad panic because you need a new client, think about what works in your business ALREADY and do more of that.

It’s so easy to miss what’s right in front of us!

But because we’re allowing ourselves to be distracted and so busy, we can’t think straight.

I ran an implementation session on Monday and ironically, the advice I gave to 2 of my clients was to NOT work in their business for the session.

Both of them went off for a walk!

Which is EXACTLY what they needed!

We have to step off the hamster wheel.

You started the business because you wanted to get out of the rat race and work to your own rules.

You wanted freedom and flexibility and right now, that is a dim and distant dream.

But it’s not out of reach.

You just have to make the time to allow you to do your best work.

No more multi-tasking.

No more fragmented attention.

This is my tried and trusted strategy.

Don’t just sit down at your desk and think what will I do today.

Maybe write a blog post, do a client call, do some social media, create a module of your new program.


Instead batch your work.

Allocate and plan out (the week) for when you will do

  • Client calls/ work
  • Creative work – maybe you’re thinking of a new program?
  • Content creation – your blog post, podcast?
  • Marketing – this is when you can hang out in a FB group!
  • Sales – make time for sales calls
  • Administration
  • Filing

Each activity is distinct and you don’t try and do a little bit of each every day.

That’s a sure-fire recipe for overwhelm.

Batch your work and see just how much more you can do when you ONLY focus on the activity to hand.

And if you only have 2 hours, even though the temptation will be great, please don’t try and do admin and creative work in that time.

It doesn’t work.

The amount of energy you need to switch from one task to another is asking too much of you.

So batch your admin + filing + emails and leave space in your diary for the meaningful work (i.e. creating original content, working with your clients)

And remember to make time to breathe!

No doing, just being.

After all, that’s where your great ideas will spring from – not from hurrying and rushing.

I hope that has been useful for you today.

Let me know in the comments box what one change you’ll make!

Love and hugs,

Yasmin xxx

P.S. Want me to help you do more of this? Get more focused? Get more done? Grow your business without working longer or harder? Book your free 15 Minute Tiny Time Triage call here!



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