I had a lovely conversation with someone recently and the conversation sparked what I want to share with you today.

When you sit down to work in your business, what is your first thought? First activity?

Is it checking email? Checking social media?

Or do you do the one thing that will grow your business?

The reason I’m asking is because I too have been guilty of checking email, Facebook, Instagram, checking what my angel card says (!) …all before doing the one thing that grows my business.

Connecting with my Who

You know me, I like to be straight and honest and hand on my heart, for the first three years of my business, I did not have a clue WHO my business served.

My WHO was seriously cloudy and confused (I was the one thinking ‘I work with everybody!’)

And that manifested in my results.

I got some results but nothing to write home about.

But once I got clear on my WHO and just focused on that, boy, that changed everything – not least the dialogue going on in my head about what I should be offering!

So, my lovely – do you know WHO you’re here to serve?

  • WHO you want to serve?
  • WHO you can’t wait to serve?
  • WHO makes your heart go thumpity thump with excitement?
  • WHO you can’t wait to get on a call with?
  • WHO is your soulmate client?
  • WHO gets what you do and how you can help them?
  • WHO is hungry for what you have?

Before you create any courses, products or programs or services, tune in and ask yourself

Who am I here to serve?

And think about their dreams, aspirations and frustrations – not what colour hair they have or where they like to shop.

Let’s go deeper than that.

Let’s tune into the emotion of your soulmate client – because people buy and invest with emotion, not logic!

Take a piece of paper and write it out. Be rich with your musings!

Then stick it on your desk or your noticeboard and keep referring back to it.

Once you know WHO it is, ask yourself, what do I need to do to connect with them?

Then every morning – before you do anything else – spend at least 30 minutes connecting and growing your audience.

Without an audience, your brilliance will go unnoticed and quite frankly, that is a deal-breaker.

You have amazing gifts, expertise and knowledge to share – but make sure you have people to share it with!

Even if you have an audience of only 50 people, don’t let that get you down!

You start with what you have, with what you’ve got and what you know.

Hope this helps you today!

Yasmin xxx

P.S. In case you’re wondering – does checking angel cards grow your business? Well it’s a big question and full of lots of nuances and caveats. But what’s crucial for me is learning to trust myself, going within and seeking guidance from my higher power. Angel cards, readings etc – I enjoy them but I believe I already have all the guidance I need. I just need to tune into it.