Ah, the laptop lifestyle….what does it really mean?

You hear a lot about the laptop lifestyle, working from wherever you are, free to travel and so on – you see those pics of people working on beaches and mountain tops (they get WiFi there??) and do you know, while a part of me loves to travel and go on holidays, actually I’m a total home-bird.

And that got me thinking…(I know, always dangerous!)

What if the laptop lifestyle isn’t about travelling or going to the far ends of the planet to do mad cap stuff but in fact, just being able to stay at home and spend time with the people you love the most?

Kids in garden Apr 15
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That’s what being self employed means for me.

Yesterday, the weather was absolutely stunning so the kids and I decided to have a picnic in the garden and just chill out (caveat….no mum can ever chill out with kids but hey, the intention was there!)

And that’s what we did.

Cheese sandwiches and ice lollies and we enjoyed the sun.

And as we sat chomping away and I was getting sticky hands all over me, I knew exactly what was important to me.

My own schedule.

My own decisions.

Being in control of my own destiny.

BUT you know as well as I do that being self employed is NOT easy – if it was, everybody would do it.

But the rewards are brilliant.

If only to be able to say, ‘today we go and have fun’ and not have to worry about whether you can take the day off or not. No worrying that you’ve no more holiday leave left (I did enough of that in my corporate job).

Leveraging your time so you’re not tied to a desk or exchanging your time for money is the true freedom and that’s what your own business can do for you.

So we can have cheese sandwiches and ice lollies and not give it another thought.

I’d love to know what’s important to you and if you had a leveraged business, what would you spend your time doing?

We’re having a great conversation in my Facebook group, why not pop in and share your thoughts?

Yasmin x