Yasmin Vorajee just got me a Big Result in a Tiny Time.  My BEFORE picture was this:  full-time stay at home mother of a 6 year old; (extremely) part-time lifecoach and nutritionist; a superb mother, a very average housewife (that bit of Staying-At-Home Motherhood does my head in!! J); exhausted from putting huge pressure on myself to get working and earning; emotionally depleted from 4 miscarriages; physically depleted from a pretty bad sleep problem……but somewhere inside still holding fast to the dream of doing work that I love, on a part-time basis and earning a living from it.  And despite having learned a huge amount about developing a lifestyle business from many many amazing people who have done just that, I have stayed stuck in the starting blocks, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

After 1 hour of coaching from Yasmin, this is the AFTER picture:    I’m still a superb mother, part-time (but superb) life-coach & nutritionist; still a very average housewife, a little less exhausted and run-down, BUT I have a clear, simple 3-step plan to get off those blocks at last and use my couple of hours each morning to get moving in the direction I want to go – doing financially viable and extremely enjoyable work in an area I’m passionate about.  And in a way that will help keep me in my flow, rather than constantly feeling I’m pushing a rock up a mountain. For the first time in years I am out of headless chicken and overwhelm mode, and into focused and exciting action.  I can’t explain how good that feels J.

Thank you Yasmin, from the bottom of my heart!

Clare Shiels

If you are considering delivering online or offline courses then Yasmin’s Course Creation Bootcamp is the perfect course for you. The CCB takes you through the “how to steps” to creating an actual course, from generating your course topic to the actual launch of the programme. It is an easy to follow process that does not take time away from your regular 9-5 job.

I loved the layout of the course as Yasmin created a series of short 10 minute videos for each week of the course, so I could sit and watch all 10 minutes videos one week, or dip in and out another week depending on my schedule. The weekly group call brought it all nicely together as I got to know the other “students” as well as our tutor Yasmin and get to ask questions and learn from the other student’s questions.

Prior to participating in CCB I knew I wanted to start delivering online courses, but didn’t know which step to do first. Now I feel very confident in HOW I’m actually going to create, market, launch and deliver my course. I think a step-by-step programme is the best way to show people anything and wish a course like this had existed to show me how to start a business.

This real beauty of the CCB is that the skills learned in the course can be applied to delivering online and offline courses.

So thank you Yasmin, I really benefited from the course and I also enjoyed it, I will miss it now that it is completed.

Sandra Martin

Yasmin – thank you so much for our chat last week. I am still reeling about how much time I’ve spent “working” and not getting anything at all done. I’m currently restructuring my week so that I’m ACTUALLY working for about 30 hours a week, instead of 50, and getting even more done.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the inspiration!!

Alionka Polanco

Just listened to the replay of Weds’ webinar Tiny Time, BIG Results with Yasmin Vorajee…… really good, thankyou.

I love your authentic, no-nonsense energy! I’ve also made my booking for a coaching session.

Thank you!

Trudy A

Hi Yasmin I just wanted to thank you for helping me be clearer on what I want from my business during our call yesterday.

It is so easy to get the clarity lost with so many ideas in my head and through talking with you has definitely made me feel motivated and ready to actually stop the ideas and start some action!

I also read your page to join the momentum circle and it was as if you were directing your questions and thoughts at me!

Needless to say I have joined the circle and look forward to build many things.

Thank you so much x

Sabrina Bezzina-Persiano

Making the decision to sign up for Yasmin’s Tiny Time Business School was one of the best things I have ever done. It came up at exactly the right time (as these things often do), as I decided to return to my business (laughter yoga) after taking a break for a year due to family commitments. I wanted to make my “comeback” as professional as possible, and be even better than I was before.

I love the fact that all the modules are in bite-size pieces, they can easily be fitted into any schedule when you have very little time, they make so much sense and you just want to go and try out Yasmin’s suggestions for yourself!! All the modules are full of tips and they really make you think. You can do everything at your own pace, and the weekly live calls are very helpful. Yasmin is really helpful and approachable, which helps make doing the course an enjoyable process.

I have already implemented some of the suggestions, and they have really made a difference. My marketing is definitely a lot more streamlined, professional looking and targeted to the right peopleOpportunities have opened up for me as a result of taking the right action consistently. 

I would recommend Tiny Time Business School to anybody – you learn so much – you’ll be glad you signed up!

Thanks Yasmin!

Karen McGonigle

Laughter Yoga Specialist

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