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Hi! It’s Yasmin from Yasmin and the creator of Tiny Time, BIG RESULTS. Helping you to build a business that you absolutely love and live a life of joy.

Helping you to get more done, achieve more with your limited time so you can have those big, fat, and juicy results that I know you want.

Today’s question and the subject of today’s blog post is all about JUICY goals. I love the word juicy.
It just conjures up a lovely image of biting into a juicy apple or sucking on a lovely orange. That’s why I wanted to call it Juicy Goals.

Because it makes you feel excited. Now I don’t know about you.
Maybe you had this experience before. In previous years, even when I was in my corporate career (which I was doing for 12 years).

Then in the time that I’ve been self-employed, every time I set goals I was always disappointed because some of them I just wasn’t able to achieve. When I look back and I think why did I not achieve it?

There’s no excitement around it. Or, it felt so crazy big that I just was more disheartened than excited about actually making it happen. If you have been in that position then you know that it can be a real pain in the behind because you want to set yourself some big lofty goals.

You are all excited about it. Then that excitement wanes very quickly or disappears within a couple of days because you don’t see the signs of it. It’s not happening.

What can you do?

Instead of spurring you on and making you jump out of bed every morning, you actually feel really demotivated by it. It’s not inspiring you anymore and in fact it’s the stick that you beat yourself with.

You’re sitting there going,” You didn’t do it. You still haven’t done it”. Come on. What’s going on?

So I wanted to talk to you about juicy goals today because it’s a really good time to set yourself some juicy goals.

Now, I am a big believer in setting yourself juicy goals throughout the year. It’s not something that you restrict yourself to the beginning of the year or the end of the year.

This is something that you need to be reviewing on a regular basis, at least once a quarter. Just to remind yourself and to keep yourself on track.

It can be a bit of a toughie, if you have been disappointed. I think the challenge is that we think the goal is the thing that was wrong. Actually we were just missing a few pieces in our goal setting process.

These are my top tips for you on how you can set yourself some juicy goals for this year and obviously for your life, as well. What I want you to do is actually pick a scary goal. For your business, okay?

It could be a money goal. It could be another metric like a number of subscribers on your e-mail list. It could be the number of people that are in your community. I want you just to pick a scary goal. It could be the number of views you have on your YouTube channel for example. Or you can have a number of followers on twitter or something, but make it a scary goal. Something that makes you think,” Oh my God! That would be amazing if that happened”.

The first thing I want you do with it is just sit with. Just feel what it would be like if that really happened for you. What would be the thoughts you would be thinking? What would be the pictures that you would see? What would be the feeling that you would be feeling? And I want you to just sit with that.

If you’re feeling ‘urgh’ or a bit of a little bit of ‘yeuch’ then that’s not a good sign. What I want you to do is, I want you to get to that point where you actually feel this bubble of excitement. Then there’s more bubbles and there’s more bubbles. Then there is more bubbles.

Secondly, ask yourself (when you’re feeling that excitement bubbling away). Ask yourself why you really want it? What will I do for you? This is such an important question. So let’s call out the elephant in the room. You might be setting yourself a money goal that is six figures or seven figures and you’ve never done more than low five figures.

Sometimes those goals can feel really ‘uuughhhh!’.

They’re not really coming from a place of authenticity for you. You are looking at other people and you’re thinking,” Well they made six figures. So, I should be able to make six figures”.

In reality, that is really what you want. You want to be able to create a sustainable income for you and your family that is nowhere near the six figures. Actually, you’d be happy with 50k, for example.

So it’s really important to make sure that your goal is important to you and that you know why you want it. And you’re not measuring it according to what everyone else is doing.

That’s really, really important. What would it mean to you if you actually make this happen?

Start Blue Sky Thinking

Then what I want you to do is actually sit down and do some blue sky thinking around this goal. Ideally do it with somebody else because that’s how you really get the juice flowing.

What I mean by blue sky thinking, if you’re not familiar with the term, is you literally just look up into the sky and you think,” What are all the ways that I could do this?”.

In the spirit of a pure brainstorming fashion. Really think about anything and everything that you could do. Don’t discount anything. Don’t eliminate ideas. Don’t be self-editing or anything like that. Just think of what are the opportunities. What are the things that I could do to really create this outcome?

This is what is really, really important about setting juicy goals. When we are so used to setting them the specific way. You may heard the acronym of S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time bound. And that’s all well and good. You may not be happy about me saying this but it doesn’t really excite me. I’m like, “Oh my. It’s got to be specific”.

The principles are absolutely valid, but we need to inject some joy into the process. This is what’s really, really important. If you’ve set yourself big-money goals in the past and you just haven’t been very happy about it because you haven’t reached them.

Think about something else that could be your goal, instead of the money.

You’re shifting your perspective.

Not that you’re saying the money is not important. It’s just a different mindset. You might set yourself a goal of a number of subscribers. The number of people that are going to be in your community for your e-mail list.

Now, if that doesn’t get you excited because you’re like, “Oh my God! I’m going to provide so much value and so much of amazing content for my community. I’m going to share my products and my services. I’m going to show them about how I can make such a difference to them.”

And you are going to grow your list. Then actually the money is a by-product of that because you are going to be putting so much good stuff out there. So maybe pick a different goal than what you would normally.

If it’s a money goal and you’ve been disappointed, maybe do something different. The key thing with this is don’t make it a vanity goal. Like number of likes on Facebook, because they mean jack. I was about to swear but I won’t. They don’t mean anything, okay? So don’t have vanity metrics. Really pick things that will make a solid difference to you and your business, okay?

So you ready to set some juicy goals? Make sure that you comment below. Be sure to comment and tell me what is going to be your big crazy goal. What metric are you going to be really measuring? What is it that is going to really excite you this year?

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Okay, talk to you soon!
Yasmin x