If you’re trying to create a solid monthly income when you have tiny time and not achieving this goal, I’m willing to bet you’re doing 1 or 2 or all of these:

  • Crafting sales funnels when your core offer isn’t proven
  • Creating lots of low priced offers but getting annoyed when very few sell
  • Investing in lots of online courses but not completing any
  • Learning a ton about how to do Facebook ads but not seeing a return
  • Spreading yourself very thin on social media
  • Trying to launch a program but getting only a few sales and leaving you feeling downhearted

All of the above has a time and place in your business.

Yes, they do.

Sales funnels rock as do online courses but if you’re not bringing in a consistent income, your business activities are out of sequence and when you have tiny time, this can be DEVASTATING (as in no money coming in and no new clients)

The thing is YOU CAN MAKE GREAT MONEY WHEN YOU HAVE TINY TIME but you need to know and act on this….

Focus your efforts on doing the best work you can, create the best results with your clients and get well-paid for it.

This is how you do it.

Turn your expertise into a valuable package that creates a highly desired result…and sell it over and over again.

Rinse and repeat….until you have a solid business and a solid income flowing in.

Let’s run the numbers…

If your offer right now is a $49 product or program, you need to sell 10 of those to make $500.

But what if your goal is $5,000 a month?

You need to sell 100 to make $5,000.

But what if you were charging $1,000 for a program?

That means you need to find and line yourself up with 5 people who value what you offer and be excited to invest $1,000 with you.

Instead of trying to convince 100 people to part with $49.

I know it sounds crazy but 100 sales takes a lot of effort as opposed to 5!

Even if the 5 sales are high value, it’s actually A LOT harder to persuade 100 people to part with $49 than $1,000 when you have

  1. Clearly articulated the value
  2. You’re solving a big problem
  3. Your audience is motivated to solve it
  4. The cost of your prospect NOT doing anything is too big
  5. You’re excited to deliver the program

When you have tiny time, you need to be super savvy about where you put your attention, focus and resources and in my experience, this means creating value-full packages that get great results for your clients AND reward your knowledge and expertise.

I believe business should be easy and graceful.

For a long time, my belief was that business was hard and making money was hard!

And yet, when I look at all the times money is flowing in my business, I was sticking to a proven path…packaging my expertise, creating MASSIVE value for my clients and helping them get great results.

And being well paid for it.

So why can’t you?

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t so if you want to get started immediately, you can!

Grab my free 5-part mini course on how to create your high end offer – this was originally a 5-day challenge I ran so you can either watch one video a day or you can binge watch! (the Yasmin version of a Netflix program – ha ha!)

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Yasmin x

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