Hey love, Yas here!

Are you feeling a bit blue today?  Maybe yesterday, you were in a funk and you’re just not sure why.

I was sat in the dentist waiting room today (all ok now!) and I pondered how I have felt at the beginning of a new calendar month.

When you reflect on the previous month and look forward.

And there’s a part of you that feels ‘oh-so-blue’.

Because it feels like you’re starting all over again.

A new month and a new financial goal and if you didn’t hit your goal last month, you’re weighed down with that disappointment.

Maybe you’re starting to feel a little too ‘hamster-on-the-wheel’?

And you’re tired.  And you really hate feeling like you’re starting from scratch all over again.

Having your own business feels so great when things are going well and when things are not as great as they could be, it can feel like an uphill struggle.

I know what it feels like and I know what a BIG pain it can be!!

And do you know what….it’s the full moon today and a perfect time to release crap like this so if you’re up for it, are you ready to shake the blues?

Instead of feeling weighed down more and getting more and more peed off, I think it’s time to shake it off and get moving with joy.

Yes, you can do this and whilst the temptation may be to wallow and have a little pity party, now is not the time!

So, let’s kick the pity party out and bring in the fun!

Here are 3 ways you can turn this baby round – no more disappointment!  Time to look forward to the month, look forward to all the great things that are going to happen and all the delicious money coming your way….can you feel the lightness already?  Are your lips twitching to smile yet??

Ok, here goes…

TOP TIP #1: Stop thinking linear.  We are so programmed to think in straight lines, in chronology and it can really mess us up!!  Instead of thinking ‘today is the 2nd of June‘ or ‘it’s the middle of the month‘ or ‘only 10 days left‘, think of each day as a gift.  Not only does this free you up from watching the calendar, it stops you from getting hung up on what’s not happening.

Instead, you focus in the moment, on the day and the work at hand.  And instead of putting a deadline of a date on your goal, I now say ‘as fast as you can Big U!‘.

And the reason why?  Because when you don’t have any resistance to what you’ve just set for yourself, it comes so fast and the speed of your manifestation is beautiful! When I hit my first 5 figure month, I surpassed my initial goal and did it in less than a week!  And even I was amazed at the speed.

TOP TIP #2: Get excited.  If you need to step away from your desk to do this….DO IT! Set your goals & targets from a place of creativity and excitement.  You don’t have to call them targets or goals….give it a different name.  But get excited.  Sometimes, the preference can be to not set any goals to stop yourself from getting disappointed.  I know, I’ve felt like that too.

I don’t subscribe to that train of thought.  Specificity wins every time.  You don’t have to be specific as to ‘how’ it happens but be specific about the goal.  It focuses the mind and helps you see potential ways to make it happen.

For example, you won’t get far if you want to make 10k, you sell a £1 widget and you only have 100 people on your list (and you’re currently enjoying a 10% conversion rate…which is brill!).  This is when you have to put your business hat on!  (And if you struggle with this side of your business, book your free mini-coaching session with me and I will help you get really good at this!)

TOP TIP #3: Get your content creation and marketing plan for the month sorted out this week to clear the way for solid client attraction.  If you’re not making the money you want, you need to make sure you’re focusing the majority of time on attracting your ideal clients.

Getting your content created in the first week, scheduling your posts and knowing what marketing is going out for the month will help you clear the distractions…you know, those things you find yourself doing to avoid actual client attraction strategies.  Now you have no excuse! 🙂

And here are 2 bonus ideas for getting yourself revved up for the month and feeling SUPER!!

Give yourself the gift of a daily affirmation…this is one of my faves.

“Today is the day of my amazing good fortune” (repeat every day and every day is good!)

And at the beginning of each month, set yourself a theme.  You’re setting your intention for how the month will be.

Now it’s your turn….how are you going to get excited about your goals?

Share below!

Until next time, love and hugs at ya!

Yasmin x

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