So You Want to Create An Online Program?

You’ve done the one-on-one work.

You’ve worked with clients.

You know you have a proven transformation.

Now you want to take it online and reach more people.

You’re ready to leverage your time and expertise.

You want to start selling ‘one-to-many’

You want to create passive income.

Brilliant! You’re in the right place!

I want to help you to stop trading time for money.

And a great way to do this is through an online program.

It’s time to come off the ‘money for hours‘ treadmill.

Stop the long hours travelling.

Racking up the hours so you can get paid a good living.

In my business, I don’t have many hours because of my 3 young children (3 under 8) so my focus has always been on how I can serve my clients and get well paid for it.

I don’t get paid for my time.

I get paid for results.

And I want to show you how to do the same with my workshop on how to design your online program in 90 minutes.

Designing your program is about taking your knowledge and expertise and knowing how to turn it into a program that actually works!

This is NOT about dumping everything you know into a program and hope it works.

This is about taking a clear and methodical approach to making sure you’re designing a program that creates a result rather than a showcase of everything you know.

Throwing everything you know into a program (including the kitchen sink) is the fastest way to make sure your client gets overwhelmed and stops doing the program!

So let’s not do that! 😉

Designing your program needs to be well thought out and deliberate.

But it need not take long to do….in fact, you can do it in 90 minutes!

Which is what this workshop will show you!

During this 90 minute workshop, I will show you how to 

  • Choose the best topic for your program
  • How to design a program that creates a great result for your client
  • My 3 step process to map out your program
  • A quick and easy way to name your program
  • How to price your program so it reflects the value and your expertise and knowledge!

When you enroll in the workshop, you will get

* A 90 minute workshop with me guiding you through the design process

* A step by step workbook to design your program in 

* A 15 minute Quick Fire Coaching Call with me 

Total value of the program is €247.

Your investment: €69

Why work with me?

Hi lovely, I’m Yasmin and in my past corporate life, I was a former Vice President of Leadership Development (I started out as a training co-ordinator).

After a highly successful corporate career spanning 12 years, I decided to start my own company where I now help small business owners run a profitable business in less than 20 hours a week. I am particularly passionate about helping you turn your knowledge into lucrative online courses, group programs and premium packages so YOU can stop trading time for money.

I have been a trainer and coach for nearly 20 years and designing programs is my specialty. It comes easily to me which is good news for you….because I make the whole process simple and easy to follow!

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