“I want flexibility”

“I love being able to come and go”

“I hate being chained to a schedule”

Do any of these sound familiar?  If like me, when you dreamed of having your own business, you probably dreamt of a fluid and flexible schedule.  I get it, nobody wants to feel hemmed in or chained to a schedule.

The dreamer, the creative, the free spirit within us wants to be free to be who we’re meant to be when we want to be – ok, that makes perfect sense but and here is a big BUT, did you know discipline actually allows you to be more flexible than you dreamed of?

Ok, stick with me on this one.  You may be violently shaking your head right now and I don’t blame you.  It sounds totally oxy-moronic!  How can discipline give you flexibility?

The reality is your business needs attention and it needs you to give it your all to be successful.  That does not mean, however, that you need to be working 24/7.  In fact, that is very bad for you and your business.

One of the biggest shifts that happened to me in my business was the mental space I created when I posted my office hours on the door to my home office.  That told me and my family when I would and would not be working.  More importantly, it was me, leading my business, not letting it run me.  N.B. This works in a non-home office too!

Why is having office hours so powerful?

  • Creates mental space
  • Tells me when I need to be focused and laser-like
  • Allows me to build in other activities like self care, downtime, time with my family

Instead of being at the beck and call of your business and feeling like you’re at the mercy of its whims, when you set something out as simple as office hours, it means you’re in control and you can plan your time accordingly so you get what needs to be done.  What it also allows you to do is understand where your time is being spent and whether you need help or an alternative solution

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Yasmin x