Have you ever felt rejected by your business?  Have you ever felt like if only it just loved you back – even a little bit?  When I say ‘love you back’, I mean give you a sense that all your hard work result in the rewards and a sense of achievement you want?

When you started your business, you dreamt of flexibility, making a difference to others and creating a way of sustaining you and your family.  But somewhere along the way, your passion and enthusiasm started to wane when you didn’t get the results you want.

I read a very interesting post recently on Facebook – the discussion was about how it can feel very uncomfortable when you’re just starting out.  You feel like everybody else has it sussed and you’re the only one who can’t get their ‘stuff’ in order.

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

Theodore Roosevelt

What I loved about the discussion was that there was a collective sense of relief that somebody had said “it’s OK to feel like this”.  Everybody has to start somewhere!  The irony is that you can feel like you’re starting out even if you’ve been in business for 6 months, 12 months or even 2 years simply because you’re still not 100% clear on what you’re doing.

If you feel like this and you’re thinking “if only I could get my stuff in order”, I would love for you to check out my brand new training boot camp which starts 13 May called the “Inspired Results Boot Camp”.  This 5 week virtual programme will help you line up all your ducks so you know

  • What your business does – get clarity on your big picture and how your mission aligns with your business
  • Who you serve – you aren’t here to serve everybody so who do you WANT to serve?
  • How your business works – how to take your big hopes and plans and turn them into actionable steps and processes so the big picture is now in action
  • How you work in the business and who supports you – you’re not meant to work 24/7/365 or go it alone so let’s get clear on how you do want to work and how to make it happen!

Most importantly, the programme will help you to take inspired action to get the inspired results you want.  I have designed the boot camp to help you build a business you love that loves you back!

It’s time to stop trying to go it alone and hoping you’ll figure it out at some stage.

“Someday is not a day of the week.”

 It’s time to step up and take the steps that will help you get clear, brave and going!

You can find out more here!


Yasmin x

P.S. Here’s that link again – the early bird investment for this 5-week virtual boot camp is only $197.  After midnight on Wed 1 May, the investment will go up so secure your place today!