Did you know that most business owners struggle with managing their time and growing their business?

No kidding, right?

It’s hard to plan ahead – you’re too busy fire fighting

It’s a struggle to get the right things done – the short term stuff always takes priority

When you have to do something uncomfortable like making phone calls, you find lots of other stuff to do (like the housework!)

And your monkey mind loves giving you a hard time (‘who are you to run a biz?)

If you’re nodding vigorously right now – you’re not alone!

Do you…

  • Try to do everything in your business?
  • Find it hard to get support?
  • Feel overwhelmed with great ideas but no plan for implementing them?
  • Get distracted with bright shiny objects?
  • Avoid following up with potential contacts even when you know it could be a new client or joint venture?
  • Constantly putting off what needs to be done?

You’re not alone!

Most business owners are not equipped to be business owners.

You’re the expert in your field and turning that expertise into a profitable business can be scary because now you have to market and sell that expertise.

There’s a lot to do!

And when you have tiny time, finding the time to do everything is hard.

So what do you do?

Hi lovely!

I’m Yasmin, the creator of Tiny Time Big Results and I help business owners grow their business in 20 hours a week.

When I started out, I quickly realised how lonely it is to be a solopreneur.

Coming from a corporate background with hundreds of people around me every day, I found solopreneurship very lonely and isolating.

And I found it was very easy to let things slide. Nobody was holding me accountable. It was down to me and if I was having a bad day, I would let the work slide (harder to do when you have a boss hanging over your shoulder!)

From talking to hundreds of business owners, I knew that there was one thing that could make or break a business and that one thing is FOLLOW THROUGH.

Following through with new contacts, after sales calls, with existing clients, with launches, new products, creating new programs – all of it requires follow through and most business owners find this so hard to do.

And when you have tiny time, it feels doubly impossible!

Which led me to think ‘I need to something about this!‘…

Welcome to the Momentum Circle…

When I work with clients, my #1 productivity tip is to keep your business as simple as possible.

Make it simple and make it profitable.

That’s the real secret to growing a business in a few hours a day (nothing more complicated than that!)

But that’s easier said than done!

So when your big list of stuff to do becomes unmanageable, it’s very easy to let things slide.

And you find no time to focus on the stuff that makes a difference!

The IMPORTANT stuff!

Which is why you need some way to get focused, stay focused and get things done.

And you can do all of that with the Momentum Circle!

The Momentum Circle is a monthly group program where you get the accountability and implementation you need to make sure you work ON your business as well as IN it.

This program is about setting time aside to do your planning, your visioning, your DOING and getting the support and accountability you need to make REAL progress not just a talking shop.

When you join the Circle, each month, you’ll get a ‘Momentum Kit‘ which includes…


Implementation Session

How do you build momentum? You do the work that gets results, the important work – not the stuff that just keeps you really busy!

Each month, you get access to 2 monthly implementation sessions. They’re run online so you can join from anywhere in the world. You can stay for the whole session of part of it.

The purpose? Get Stuff Done!

Mini Trainings

Growing your business, being profitable and productive is a beast of a topic so each month, you get a 3 mini trainings on a theme topic (like email marketing, sales conversations). My approach is to break it down for you and give you what you need, not a bucket of overwhelm!

The mini trainings are bite-sized, easy to consume and simple to implement!

90 Day Sprint Sessions

Planning your year in January and reviewing in December is the quickest way to NOT achieve your goals!

Instead we get together and plan for the next 90 days to stay focused and get things done!

These sessions run quarterly.

Hot Seat Coaching

During the Implementation Session, 20 minutes are allocated for hot seat coaching – your chance to get laser-focused business masterminding that gets you moving quick!

After all, money loves speed!

Accountability Check-In

Each week, you’ll be invited to take part in an accountability check-in to share how you’re getting on. These will be short, sharp and sweet check-ins to make sure you’re on track & keep you focused and energised!

Fill Your Cup

In business, you need to balance doing with being.

And you know as well as I do, that you cannot run on empty. Which is why each month, you’ll be focusing on how to nurture your self, your energy levels and how to fill your own cup so you can serve others.

Private Community

There’s no reason to feel like you’re alone when you’re in the Circle. The community is a tight-knit, supportive and no-holds-barred group who want to see you succeed just as much as they want to succeed.

And when you’ve got back up like that, how can you not get ahead?!

Upgrade To Diamond and You Also Get…

Power Coaching

When you become a Diamond member of the Circle, you get a private 1:1 with Yasmin once a month so you can get the support and accountability from a coach who has your back! This is your chance to get coached by an expert coach who has coached Fortune 500 Executives, CEOs and hundred of small business owners.

What People Are Saying

Being part of your Momentum Circle has steered me and pushed me more in the few months I’ve been there than in all the time I’ve had my lingerie label (Sioda Lingerie).

Working with you has been the BEST THING I’ve done for me and my business Yasmin. If I could go back to myself as I started my business or even a year ago, I’d tell myself to get talking to you.


This All Sounds Great But…

How does the membership work?

Your membership of the Circle begins as soon as you make your first payment. You’ll be added to the private Facebook group and you can access the training library immediately. Payment is month by month and you can cancel at any stage.

Will this really help me get stuff done?

Yes! I know just how important it is to get stuff done and trust me, when you have tiny time like me, I know how precious every minute is!

When you join the Circle, you will get the support you need to do what you need to do.

No faffing, wasting time and most importantly, if I believe you’re self sabotaging, I’ll call you on it!

Your dreams are TOO IMPORTANT to ignore!

What happens if I miss an implementation session?

There are 2 sessions for implementing every month and the dates/ times will be posted with plenty of notice so you don’t miss out and you can plan it in.

But even if you miss the session, you can still access the group, me, the trainings and the 24/7 community.

What's the difference between the Gold and Diamond Level?

In the Diamond Level, you get all of the goodies of the Circle PLUS access to Yasmin each month in the form of a private 30 minute 1:1. This is your chance to get tailored coaching from an expert coach who has coached Fortune 500 Executives, CEOs and hundred of small business owners.

Can I upgrade to the Diamond Level?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time. Just let Yasmin know and we can get you upgraded and book your first private coaching session in!

Do I have to have kids to join the Circle?!

Not at all! If you need help with support and accountability in your business, the Circle is perfect for you (kids not obligatory!)

What if I decide the Circle is not for me?

If it’s not for you, let me know and you can cancel your membership at any stage.

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