Ok…someone help me out here. I’ve been hanging out in some FB groups lately and so many of the conversations are around ‘mummy guilt’ especially if you run a business from home.

What is up with this? Why so much guilt for doing something for yourself (whether that’s a business or anything else?)

Our children need to see we are more than their parent. That we have dreams, hopes and aspirations that go beyond the family.

Since when was this a bad thing? Sharing my message and working with my clients feeds my soul and it makes me a BETTER mum. If my only outlet were my children, we would all be certifiable. I would be hysterical most days!

It is NOT good for kids to not see their parent take care of themselves. When I tell my kids I am having ‘me time’, they get it (not so much at the start!)

Now they tell me they need ‘me time’ when they retreat to their room or play by themselves (and not being followed by the sibling!)

And that makes me happy…they are looking after themselves!

Guilt is a useless emotion and yes we all feel it from time to time but if you’re feeling it everyday because you’re doing something for YOURSELF, this has to stop.

You are practising SELF CARE, one of the most important tools we have that makes us better parents. When I first started the business and I put my son into childcare for 3.5 hours a day, I felt NO guilt at all.

None. Because it doesn’t serve me and trust me, they do NOT want to be with me ALL day!

Enough with the guilt! Kick it to the kerb and go serve yourself with a big dollop of compassion and self love.

With love from me to you…
Yasmin x