Today, I want to let you know about a fantastic resource.  If you have been in my community for any length of time, you know how passionate I am about empowering women just like you to create the business success you dream of.  There is nothing more I love to see than women create and build amazing businesses which not only add value to its customers and clients but are also an inspiring place to work for others.

So, today I am really excited to let you know about an event I am presenting at that is coming up, and expected to be the world’s largest for professional women in the world, the Global Women’s Leadership Summit (GWALS).

They have a no cost pre-summit, that is like a series of online TED talks and you can gain a complimentary pass to this here:

The event will provide focused presentations and discussions from the world’s leading experts and thought leaders across industries. Other fantastic presenters joining me include:

*Cherie Blair – Founder, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Riane Eisler – JD, Named one of the Great Peace Leaders with Gandhi, Dalai Lama.

Meera Sanyal – Chairperson Royal Bank of Scotland, India.
* Joanna Barsh- McKinsey & Company Director Emeritus, Centred Leadership Project
* John Gray – Ph.D. Best-selling relationship author of all time, communication expert
* Jacki Zehner – Former Goldman Sachs Partner, Philanthropic Movement Builder
* Gina Bianchini- Founder & CEO at Mighty Bell, Co-founder Lean In
* Janice Ellig- Named by Business Week, “The World’s Most influential Headhunters”
* John Gerzema – New York Times Best Selling Author, author of the Athena doctrine
* Shelly Porges – Head U.S State Dept. Global Entrepreneur program and Finance Co-Chair for Hillary Clinton PAC.
* Sally Helgesen – Internationally acclaimed Author, Speaker and Leadership consultant.
Marci Shimoff – #1 NY Times bestselling author, Transformational leader.

* Gloria Feldt – Co-founder and President Take The Lead, Author and Speaker.

*And many More

The summit is completely online, and importantly, women from any location can attend without any travel or expense involved (how cool is that??) and access the sessions presented from home or the workplace.

The event starts September the 9th – 27th with a complimentary pre-summit series of lectures given by our expert faculty.  My pre-summit session is on Friday 20 Sept, 3pm BST (10am EST).

The pre-summit is a ‘must attend’ whether you buy a full ticket or not, as the sessions are very high value, don’t cost anything and are completely sales pitch free!

You only need to register once and you gain access to all the pre-summit sessions live:

I’ll be also be attending a number of the sessions myself so may see you online!  I hope you can see what an amazing resource this could be for you.  As we head into the last few months of 2013, it’s time to get laser focused on what you want to achieve between now and 31 December, commit to it and make it happen!  Even if 2013 has not been what you had hoped it would be, it’s not too late to turn it around and end the year on a high.  This is something I repeat A LOT to my clients – get what you need to succeed and I know this event is going to deliver what you need in spades so sign up today!!

 “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.

Og Mandino

Remember, it all starts with you!




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