Do you remember the book “I Don’t Know How She Does It?”  The book came out over 10 years ago and was made into a film starring Sarah Jessica Parker.
I have to admit, I never got round to reading the book and I switched off the film very early into it – the thought of all she was trying to do was making me feel so stressed out.
I remember thinking “I Don’t Know Why She Wants To!”  I didn’t even have kids then and I remember feeling really strung out!
I think that one of the biggest myths we’ve been peddled is this idea that we can have a ‘work/life balance’.
Because I don’t think it exists.
What I think we should be aspiring to is a ‘blend’.
There will be times when work takes over and times when it’s about your loved ones or your self care.
The word balance makes me think of plates spinning in the air and frantically trying to keep them from falling.
In the end, all that does is put you on edge and you know that’s not a nice place to be!
So, my challenge for you this week is to see where you can create a blend for your work and life.
Not sure where to start?
Think about how you care for yourself.  Chances are you tend to put yourself last pretty much ALL the time!
So think about how you can fill your own cup first.
You are no good to anyone running on empty so if you find yourself squeezing work in between baby naps or burning the midnight oil regularly, then think about how you can blend in more time for you.
Don’t see it as ‘either or’.  What you are actually doing is carving out time for you so you can go the distance.
Remember – we cannot do it all.  Nor should we want to!
We all have unique gifts, talents and skills and by trying to do everything (and of course it has to be perfect too!), you end up tying yourself into a million and one knots and wonder why you’re exhausted.
Get the help you need to make your life easier!  And if you’re not sure where to start, grab a skype coffee with me and let’s chat about it.
It can be done and it can be done very easily….the question is

‘Are you ready and willing to let go?’

P.S. You can grab my top tips for busy biz mums here…so great ideas to save your sanity when the plates are getting a little too much!