I may have mentioned this before but I LOVE food(!)  I adore food; thinking about it, cooking it and eating it and one of my big missions in life is to help my children have an amazing relationship with their food….making healthy choices and living a vibrant life.

Yes they have treats but it doesn’t bother me as 85% of their diet is very varied and colourful so it’s all good.

But as the weather gets colder here in Ireland, I’m always thinking about what yummy food I can make for them.  I was trying to sell my little man on the idea of soup.  He does like it but I was trying to persuade him to try different varieties.

All of a sudden, his eyes lit up!

Mammy, can we make Hulk soup?  What about Spiderman soup??


Tomato soup had become Spiderman soup and broccoli and pea soup is magically transformed into Hulk soup!

What a brilliant idea from a 4 year old!

Talk about changing your perspective from something you think you ‘ought‘ to do to something you LOVE to do!

When I worked in corporate, I used to look forward to presentations from the Finance department (I know, pretty nerdy!) as I believe numbers tell a story….how well you’re doing (or not!)

Unfortunately they weren’t always the best presenters so usually I was bored out of my tree but the principle still holds.

Maybe you don’t like looking at your finances or perhaps you find marketing tedious?  Is this actually holding you back without even realising it?

How can you re-frame this?

What would be your version of Hulk soup?

(Btw, I’ve even made Transformer soup….Bumblebee soup from the humble carrot and parsnip!)

For me, I rarely think about marketing.  A while ago, I re-framed it as “sharing my message“.

You might think it’s a small and insignificant change but how we use language affects everything.

Instead of thinking I need to ‘market’ my business, I think about how I can share my message more often and more powerfully.

I empower women on how to live full and joyful lives by showing you how to blend your business and family life together.

Joyful Blend = No Guilt or Worry!

I know there are hundreds and thousands of people out there who need this so why would I not share my message?

Why not try it out today? What one thing could you do today that could change your perspective?

If your story feels more horror than fairy tale, how can you change it?

Comment below and let me know what one thing you will look at differently as a result of reading this blog.  I’d love to hear how you re-frame your business (and life!)

Love and hugs

Yasmin x