‘How do I grow an audience?’ is one of the most often asked questions from my clients and community.

You want to make money in your business.  To do that you need customers.  To get customers you need prospects.

This week’s blog post is on how to find them!

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Video Transcript

Hello, it’s Yasmin from Tiny Time, Big Results and in today’s video I want to answer a question that I get asked a lot especially for people who are growing businesses with tiny pocket of time.
“How do I get my message out there? How do I get people to know about me? How do I get people to trust me?”
Now you’ve heard probably I’m sure many, many times about the importance of people getting to know you and like you and trust you.
The way that they do that is through you being consistent. Consistently showing up, sharing your knowledge, sharing your expertise, sharing your perspective, sharing your viewpoint. It’s only by you showing up consistently can people see that they can trust you.
If you are struggling with building your audience whether that’s online or offline, I want you to be thinking about well what am I doing? Am I writing a blog? Am I shooting videos? Am I posting pictures and visuals? Am I talking about my business?

How often are you really showing up?

You don’t have to spread yourself across all the platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. You don’t have to do all of those things. I focus my efforts on the one platform that really is where most of my ideal clients are hanging out and that is Facebook. It might not be Facebook for you it might be Twitter or it might be Instagram or LinkedIn.
It’s not about spreading yourself too thin but it’s thinking about how can I be consistent.
One of the things that people often say to me is, “Well I see you all the time on Facebook,” and I reply, “Yeah I know because that’s where I hang out.”
That’s where I have conversations, that’s where I’m building relationships so that my business is fun but it’s also allowing me to connect with people who I think I could really help with building their tiny time business.
That’s what I want you to be thinking about all the time is when you are thinking about growing your audience and building your list which is so super, super important, is think about am I being consistent? Am I showing up? Am I being visible? Do people know your voice?
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Right hon…get visible. Let us hear your voice.
Love and hugs,
Yasmin x