You’re a small business owner and you want to leverage your time.

I’m about to show you how to create a premium (‘high end’) version of what you do so you can leverage your time and get well paid…

Would you like to know more?


A business you work in a few hours a day.

You do work you love.

Work that comes easily to you.

Work that creates massive value in the world.

You share your gifts and talents fully.

You’re abundantly rewarded for the value you create.

Your clients get great results.

You don’t hustle to get clients, instead you attract them with ease.

Your business only needs 2-3 clients a month for it to be financially successful.

You go to bed every night with your heart full that you get to work with amazing people.

And you’re not worrying about paying bills or those little extras.

But right now…

In fact, when you do go to bed, you’re worrying about

  • Sales calls you have to do the next day
  • Follow ups you DON’T want to do
  • Hearing the ‘no’s’ and the thought makes you feel queasy
  • Possible unexpected bills that might throw you into a tailspin
  • Mounting credit card bills

That lovely ‘vision’ is not real for you now but you know you want it.

Inconsistent cash flow and the need to hustle all the time is the reality for so many people and your default position is to work harder.

Hustle harder.

Push more.

And inside you’re frustrated because this is not what you want.

This is not what your business is meant to be like but you feel stuck.

You know there’s an easier and more graceful way of doing business and doing the work you’re here to do.

You want the financial abundance as well as the soul-full work.

And you can see others who are doing this.

And you wonder ‘why can’t I?

You’ve heard of high end programs and you’d love to do them yourself but you don’t think you’re ready to do them yet.

Maybe you’re put off because you’re not a big name guru, you don’t have thousands of followers or likes and you don’t have a ‘name’.

You don’t have a website crammed full of pics of you on yachts or with Marie Forleo or Richard Branson!

You think you’re not ready.

You think you’re not good enough.

You think to yourself, ‘who am I to offer a high end program?’

What you need to be asking is this…

It’s your time and you have the expertise!

It’s time to STOP playing small and do what you’re here to do!

So what is a high end program/ package?

A high end program is simply where you take your expertise and package it up to be premium!

You help your client get a specific result, a result they REALLY want and you package it in such a way so you can charge a premium price.

I believe every business needs a high end program.

A premium version of what you do.

Whatever service you are offering in your business, there is the potential to offer a high end version of that service.

And there will always be people who want premium.

And when you have tiny time or you’re looking to leverage the time you do have, a high end program allows you to create a consistent income working a few hours a day.

Typically, a high end program would be priced at 1k, 2k, 3k, 5k and above.

Whether you help people with their business, their health or their relationships, you help them create a result that they crave and you are well paid for it.

And you know you can do this.

But something is holding you back.

Maybe you’ve never considered it.

Or maybe you’ve been told by the ‘gurus’ that it’s not possible if you don’t have the swanky videos or the deluxe website or if you’ve not been in business long enough.

So you go back to selling lower priced offers and hustling hard to get those clients.

And still working month to month.

Which isn’t sustainable and not what you want.

Do the maths…

If you want to make $4k a month and you sell a program for $99.

You need to sell 40 to make $4,000.

That’s a lot of people and a lot of hustling when all you need to do is create a gorgeous program that hits the spot for your client and you will be far more abundant – time wise and money wise.

You want to make $4k a month. You price your program at $2k (which is very do-able)

Sell 2 and you’ve hit your goal.

And the beauty of this is that your marketing is now so much more targeted.

You talk about the result and the cost of not having the result.

No more spreading yourself and your message TOO thin!

Maybe you’re not sure if this could work in your business….here are some ways this could work for you…


Personal Chef: 30 Day Belly Fat Melt, 

Dating Coach: From First Date to Soul Mate

Gardener: Grow Your Own Food in 90 Days

Accountant:Business Growth Planning

Personal Trainer: Lean & Trim in 8 Weeks, 

Social Media Consultant: Facebook Marketing on Steroids, Twitter for Networking, Lead Generation on Linkedin 

In my business, I work 2-3 hours a day (this has shrunk again since I had my 3rd baby!)

When you have limited time for your business, you need to leverage your time powerfully.

That’s been the secret for my success and it has also been my downfall….when I ignored how important it is to leverage my time.

I’ve been that soldier selling $99 programs and it is not fun!

And I have created and sold high end programs which have been utterly delightful to deliver and they have been a lot more profitable.

Which is why I am a passionate advocate of high end programs.

They super-size my tiny time!

I can do my work in the morning when my eldest is at school, my daughter is in pre-school and my baby is sleeping or playing.

Then I can do whatever I want for the rest of the day (which usually involves feeding children, doing homework, playing shop and cooking dinner!) but it means I get to choose and right now, that is what I choose!

And that’s why I created the High End Magic program…

To show you how YOU can create and sell your high end program in only 30 days and create the abundant cash-flow you want!

So you can choose!

You can finally stop trading time for money and you can stop working with clients who do not see the value of what you do.

When clients invest at a high level, they show up powerfully and they will do the work.

And that’s why they get results.

Which, by the way, is the best marketing you will ever need!

I’m Yasmin and I’m a former Vice President of Leadership Development and after a highly successful corporate career spanning 12 years, I decided to start my own company where I now work with small business owners, who have expertise in their field and industry (such as coaches and consultants), to turn their knowledge into lucrative online courses, group programs and premium packages so YOU can stop trading time for money.

I’m the creator of the Tiny Time Big Results philosophy which encourages businesses to focus on purpose, profit, productivity and the play.

For me it’s about creating a profitable business that is NOT dependent on you working on it all day, every day.

It’s about leveraging your time and knowing what to focus on so you are incredibly productive in a short space of time.

Since I’ve been self employed, I’ve featured in the Sunday Independent, the Irish Independent, the Irish Times and the Huffington Post as well as local and regional media.  I also featured in the Global Women and Leadership Summit in 2013 alongside Cherie Blair, Marianne Williamson and John Gray (author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus).

I’m from Lancashire, England and now live in the Republic of Ireland with my hunky farmer husband and our 3 young children.

I love food (eating it, reading about it, watching it), chocolate, sparkly things and avocados! (oh and my kids of course!)

“If you’ve been considering booking a VIP day with Yasmin but haven’t quite gotten around to it – get around to it.

I’ve spent thousands on working with coaches and have gotten nowhere near the results in six months that I got with Yasmin in 6 hours. Within 48 hours of my VIP day I’ve rebranded, re-focused and re-ignited my passion for my business. I have 3 income streams and a signature system that totally excites me. I also walked away with an action plan so that I could start building the momentum immediately.

I was on the verge of giving up but fortunately allowed myself to invest one last time and what a fantastic investment that was.

Thank you Yasmin, I really can’t put into words how grateful I am.”

Audra D

“I have worked with Yasmin through her online programme and a group programme and Yasmin has taught me that it’s OK to dream BIG! She ‘keeps you on your toes’ with your weekly accountability and puts a certain amount of pressure on you, as business owner, to stick to your commitments.

Before working with Yasmin, I had very short term goals, now, my goals and dreams are shared with my family and are long term and visual so that I no longer ‘assume’ everyone can read my mind! We seemed to have packed SO MUCH into the time we had together.

If you have a business frustration or are at a loss about accelerating your business, I HIGHLY recommend you get in touch with Yasmin, her friendly (but firm) approach will help you identify the root cause and help you move your business in the right direction!

I cannot thank Yasmin enough for how she has changed my business and life!”

Nicole Kirk

Hi Yasmin I just wanted to thank you for helping me be clearer on what I want from my business during our call yesterday. It is so easy to get the clarity lost with so many ideas in my head and through talking with you has definitely made me feel motivated and ready to actually stop the ideas and start some action!

Thank you so much x

Sabrina Persiano

High End Magic is for you if

You’re an expert in your field (for example, a coach, consultant, trainer, speaker or healer).

You sell your expertise in your business

You help your clients create amazing results.

You want to use your expertise, skills, talents and gifts and make a positive impact

You want to be wealthy and abundant

You want to stop trading time for money

You’re ready to stop struggling

You’re ready for healthy consistent cash-flow

High End Magic is designed to show you how to create a solid results-focused premium program.

The one your client EAGERLY wants and is willing to PAY for.

This is a 30 day program where you will learn how to create and sell your high end program.

Typically people have a desire to create a high end program and they end up cobbling together a program they think their client wants, add a zero at the end of it and then wonder why they’re not selling any.

This program is about taking all the guesswork out for you.

I’ll be showing you step by step how to create your offer, how to design it, deliver it, price it and most importantly, SELL IT!

I know that selling can be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to high end so I will be showing you EXACTLY how to do this!

This program is the bridge from having a great vision of generous revenues and the step to making it happen!

Let me walk you through what we will be doing in the program…

Module 1 is all about the mindset you need to effectively offer, sell and deliver high end programs.

This is a juicy module to start with because your mindset is the #1 factor that determines whether or not you will be successful with high end programs.

This module will establish the foundation you need to prosper!

In this module, we will cover

  • Your new High End Mindset
  • How to cultivate a high end mindset WITHIN before you do anything else!
  • How to set your internal energy meter to offer high end programs
  • How to create a high end environment in your business and why this is important
  • How to mute your monkey mind’s chatter (you know, the one that says you can’t do this)

This module is all about how you turn what you do into an irresistible offer, one that has your ideal client drooling with anticipation!

An offer they cannot wait to buy from you!

This is about getting super specific with how you help people and claiming your space!

This is what we will be covering in this module:

  • Claiming the space that is YOURS – the one you will be known for and well paid for
  • How to know what your client (truly) wants
  • Identifying your BIG and BOLD promise (and why you need one)
  • My proven and highly successful formula to nail your offer using the C.S.T Framework
  • How to give your offer a juicy and HOT title

This module is all about how you create a program that actually gets people results and how to deliver a program that oozes high end!

In this module, we will look at

  • How to organise your content so your client gets results, not overwhelm
  • 5 ways to design a high end program – I’ll show you specific examples
  • What works really well in high end programs (and what to avoid doing)
  • How to give your clients what they want without giving away too much!
  • How to create high end experiences without eating into your profits!

Pricing can be a highly emotive topic and in this module, I help you take away the emotion and simply focus on what you’re offering.

I will show you how to price your offers so you are in integrity with the value you’re offering and you DO NOT undersell yourself!

In this module, we’ll cover

  • Common pitfalls to avoid when it comes to pricing your high end program
  • The 2 main factors you must take into account
  • How to calculate the cost of inaction for your client to encourage them to take action – NOW!
  • Understand what you’re really charging for so you will never again undersell yourself
  • How to set your prices energetically – so when you do say them, your voice doesn’t shake and your knees don’t knock!
  • How to create urgency in your pricing

This module is all about how you sell your program and how you serve your clients.

Selling is one of the biggest challenges most people face and in this module, I’ll be focused on helping you sell your program.

This is not a program that will stay on your hard drive….you will take action and you will sell (with integrity and no sales-y ness!)

We will cover

  • How to generate leads for your program
  • How to invite people for a sales conversation without feeling sleazy
  • How to conduct a sales conversation authentically and with zero pushiness
  • The top 7 deadly mistakes to avoid during a sales conversation
  • How to create a smooth sales process from prospect to client so they become a raving fan
Private One-Day VIP Intensive with Yasmin (value $1500)

This day will kick-start your high end journey. During the day, we will create your program and the strategy to market and sell it. This is your day to create extreme clarity and get excited about the possibilities!

5 Content Modules - Your Step By Step Guide to Create & Sell Your High End Program (value $2,500)

The content portion of the program is delivered weekly and in video and audio format, in bite-sized chunks. After all, you have tiny time!

The modules will be delivered over the 30 days so you have time to digest and implement what you’re learning. High End Magic is designed so you do not get overwhelmed and you’ll be inspired to take action!

4 Private Coaching Sessions with Yasmin (60 minutes each) (value $2,000)

Over the 30 days, you will get 4 private 1:1’s with me where we can focus on whatever you want.

If you want to work on your offer, we’ll do that.

If you want to practise sales conversations, we’ll do that.

If you need my help writing copy, we’ll do that.

This is your time to get what you need from me!

On-Going Access

Your access to the materials continue after the 30 days (when the calls cease).

So you continue to get support & feedback!

I want to set you up for success so when you enrol in High End Magic, you also get the following bonuses to make sure you are successful.

This program is the step by step guide to creating and selling high end programs and these bonuses complement the work we do in Module 1-5.

The total value of the bonuses are valued at $800

Client Attraction Webinars Made Easy Online Program (Value $300)

Get access to my ‘Client Attraction Webinars Made Easy’ program where I show you how to create and run irresistible webinars in 3 hours and on a shoestring so you can attract an abundance of dream clients!

How to Create an Irresistible Freebie - Masterclass (value $200)

You need people in your world so they can find out more about you and your offers.

The best way to do this is to offer a valuable free gift and I’ll show you how to create one easily!

Your 'Know, Like & Trust' Emails - Easy to Complete Templates (value $300)

Once someone has opted into your gift, you want to grow the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor. I’ll give you a template of how to accelerate this in 5 emails.

No guesswork for you…just add in your details and away you go!

I’m committed to getting you results. That’s why enrollment in High End Magic is by application only.

The next step is to complete the short application and then have a call with me, and we can determine if this program is a good fit for you.

To apply and book your call, simply click on the image above or the button below that says ‘Apply Now’ to complete your application and schedule a conversation. That’s it!

The Investment…

Once you’ve had a chance to ask your questions about High End Magic, I will share your options for completing your investment. (The investment will be shared during the call.)

While it IS an investment, I think you’re going to be surprised and excited at how affordable it is, especially when you consider the results that are possible for you, and the COST of the alternative – in lost time, effort and costly mistakes.

If your intention is to offer high end programs and you’re committed to doing this and reaping the rewards, you will see the investment is 100% do-able.

The investment reflects what you’ll get out of the program and what you’ll be able to with what you learn and put into practice.

If you decide High End Magic is right for you, FANTASTIC and I can’t wait to support you.

If it’s not right for you, that’s cool too. There is absolutely no obligation.

Recap of What You Get in High End Magic…

  • Private VIP Intensive with Yasmin (value $1500)
  • 4 Private 1:1 calls (value $2000)
  • Full access to the 5-Module High End Magic Program (value $2000)
  • Bonuses worth $800
  • On-going access to the material

“I am so glad I made the decision to invest in a 1 day Intensive with you Yasmin Vorajee!!.

Why didn’t I do this a year ago instead of wasting so much time and energy faffing about in confusion, causing unnecessary stress and debt…

Thank you so much!!

Feels like I’ve been dragged out of a swamp, dusted off and put in a new suit and business plan that I love!”

Marie Bradley

Yasmin thank you very much for helping me gain more clarity in my business. You’re so generous and the advice you gave me today is priceless.

Thank you!

Sophia Jefferson

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