The other day, I ran an Implementation session for my Momentum Circle and as me and the ladies were chatting, we talked about how hard it is to do babies and business.

Especially during the holidays.

I had a bad day yesterday and all I could think was ‘I can’t wait to go to bed and start all over again tomorrow!

Not one of us talked about it being easy or smooth sailing.

Because it’s not.

Lack of time during the school day is hard enough so when the kids are at home all the time – it’s practically impossible.

And we talked about how important it is to be realistic about what can be achieved when you don’t just have tiny time but teeny tiny time!

And one thing we felt was so important on this journey is the support of others.

Knowing you’re not alone.

That you have a network who are there to support you.

Yesterday was a bad day for me…

It should have been a great day because it was the day the new Business Rocks magazine came out and I’m featured on the cover! :0

Which I am thrilled about – in the magazine there’s a Q&A feature with me and an article – and of course, I was mad to share it!!

But when you’re having a bad day, it can be hard to get excited!

I need steadying, just like everybody else.

I have my wobbles, just like everybody else.

Which is why having the Circle and my coach is so important and valuable to me (and self care – I made time to have an Epsom Salt foot soak!)

One of the things we talked about in the Circle was how hard it can be to build and maintain momentum and why it’s necessary to have accountability.

And that conversation really stuck with me.

Accountability means knowing what you’re working on day by day.

And why you’re working on it.

Knowing what you want to achieve and breaking it down into manageable tasks and activities.

Making sure you’re taking inspired and aligned actionsno matter how small.

But it can be too easy to tell ourselves a story.

Make excuses and tell yourself that you’ll do it another day.

And then seeing the days slip by, the weeks and the months.

And feeling even more frustrated, sad or even angry.

So how do you make it easier for yourself?

Here’s what I think…

First of all, stop being an asshole to yourself and give yourself a break (I apologise for my language but I know you say worse things than that to yourself!)

Yes, you may be making excuses and you may be kidding yourself but beating ourselves up is the worst strategy.

In this instance, love is needed – self love – and oodles and oodles of kindness.

And if you’re being an asshole to yourself, you’re not letting any love or kindness in.

Secondly, get a coach,

I’m a coach and I wholeheartedly believe in the power of a coach.

Someone who can hold your hand and simultaneously hold your feet to the fire so not only do you take action, but it’s inspired and aligned and 100% true to who you are.

Someone who knows what’s important to you.

Keeps you focused on it.

Listens with compassion and challenges you.

Knows you’re here for greatness and wants to see you embrace it and live it!

We’re not here to do this by ourselves.

Just like raising kids was never meant to be done alone (it really does take a village!), being all who we are meant to be is not a Lone Ranger job.

We need help and support to do this and there is NOTHING wrong with asking for help.

That’s it – 2 simple actions that work a treat for me…

  1. Be kind and loving to yourself – ALWAYS!
  2. Get a coach to get you back on track and keep you there – internally and externally – after all, success is mostly an inside job!

With love and kindness

Yasmin xxx

P.S. If you’re ready to stop sabotaging yourself and your business and you’re ready to get a coach to hold you accountable…book your free discovery call and let’s talk!

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Yasmin x

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