When I first started Tiny Time Big Results, my coach recommended I teach people how to attract clients in their tiny time.

After all, that’s one of the biggest challenges a business owner faces – how to attract a constant and steady stream of clients.

Except I had no clients.

I was struggling myself.

And being told to put myself in the position as a client attraction mentor was deeply uncomfortable for me.

I couldn’t do it for myself so how can I teach it to others?

So mis-aligned, so hard and so frustrating.

And it stayed like that for a long time (too long, if I’m honest!)

Until I discovered what what I should actually base my business services on and what worked for me to attract my ideal clients.

What did I learn from this?

When it comes to starting your business (or re-setting if you’ve been in business for a while), focus on what you’re good at and demonstrate you can do for your target market.

Get very clear on your skill-set and how you can be useful to the people you want to serve.

If you’re struggling to build traction and momentum in your business, this is so important.

Get clear on your zone of genius…stick with it and focus on this to the exclusion of everything!

Use your experiences, skills and knowledge to base your business on (not your passion – that comes later)

Don’t be tempted to swim in another’s lane because you see them having great success (I often see people veer into business coaching because they think it’s lucrative instead of staying true to what they’re really good at)

If I was to go back to myself when I started out, this is what I would say to myself:

“You’ve been in corporate training and coaching for 12 years. You started out as an administrator, you’ve worked your way up to manage a team of trainers, Now, you’re VP of Leadership Development.

You have extensive skills in training and coaching. You know how to put together courses and how to deliver them. You have the knowledge.

Use these skills as your launchpad.

Of course, in the 5 years I’ve been self employed, I have learnt a huge amount so what I would start out doing would look very different to what I do now.

I didn’t know this stuff then.

And that’s fair enough.

The key thing though is to build your business on your existing skill-set, talent and experience.

And build momentum with that.

Get traction.

Get known for that.

Too many people are dismissing what they already know and have done in the past in search of the ‘hot niche‘.

It doesn’t exist…you create it!

Tiny Time Big Results came into being 2 years after I started my business so it was an evolution.

Back then, what I needed to focus on was what I was really good at and how I could apply those skills to the market I wanted to serve.

Instead of trying to turn myself into someone I’m not.

Don’t try and be someone you’re not. It doesn’t work!

I’ve gained so much experience from my own hard mistakes of starting my business, creating my services, marketing myself and getting to grips with selling my services and I’ve made sure this was not wasted – I’ve turned it into a comprehensive program, designed specifically to help people grow their business in 20 hours a week – Tiny Time Business School.

But my zone of genius is in creating courses and programs.

And from the work I have done over the last 5 years means I have gained specific experience and expertise in creating leveraged programs.

Helping you take YOUR brilliance, skills and experience and turning the results YOU help people create into a course that you can

  • Sell as a stand alone, lower priced offering
  • Package as part of your premium program or scalable group program and
  • Turn it into multiple streams of income

This is the message of Tiny Time Big Results (leverage your time and sell results, not time) and it’s what I focus on in my signature program, Course Creation Incubator, which shows you how to create, launch and sell your online course in 30 days (which btw can become a great launchpad for multiple streams of income)

Now it’s your turn…..share in the comments below what your zone of genius is or what you’d like to be known for!

Love and hugs,

Yasmin x