This week sees me in London attending Brendon Burchard’s Experts’ Academy – I love investing in growing my knowledge and skills (I see it as the ultimate win-win – I get to learn more and I also love sharing what I learn with you!)  I have been looking forward to this event for a while now and I’m excited to go deeper into how I can be of more service to you and spend time with fantastic like-minded people for a few days.

Continuous learning and investing in yourself is critical in business.  Being in business requires you to constantly learn new skills and whilst that doesn’t mean you have to do everything, you do have to take a very strategic approach to how you get things done.

When you’re in business, there’s a lot going on and it can make your head spin!  It can be very easy to get overwhelmed and even easier to just get your head down and get busy doing instead of looking at what you’re working on and making sure it’s the right thing to be doing.

You’ve heard me use the term “inner CEO” before and whilst you may not think of yourself as a CEO, I want you to know you are the leader of your life and irrespective of what you call yourself; it is time to step up and take charge of your business and life.

There’s a reason why you haven’t booked your strategy session yet; perhaps you’re struggling with a lack of clarity and that’s stopping you from taking any action or you’re not sure exactly what it is I do and how I could help you…

Let Me Share How Can I Help You…

I work with women business owners and entrepreneurs to get crystal clarity on their business vision and goals so they can plan and execute a strategy that works.  I want you to be clear on where your zone of brilliance lies, how to do more of what you love and create a strategy for everything else.  If you’re struggling, this is probably where you’re getting stuck.

  • If you’ve ever found it hard to stick to a plan or hold yourself accountable, I can help you.
  • If you fly by the seat of your pants all the time and you’re exhausted because you never switch off, I can help you.
  • If you feel confused about what your business does or you’re not attracting the clients you want, I can help you.
  • If you find yourself doing everything in your business, I can help you

My intention is to support you in your business journey so you create amazing results, you’re more productive and you enjoy greater levels of creativity.  There is nothing worse than being stuck doing all the ‘boring’ things in your business when your soul is crying out to create!  I can help you create a new way of working that means you are more creative, productive and so much more fulfilled than you’ve ever been before!

If you would like more information on how you can work with me, check out my Products & Programmes!

If you’ve been sat on the fence about working with me, book in your complimentary strategy session.  It’s a no-obligation chat and I promise to help you get clear if nothing else.  I know how frustrating it can be when it feels like you’re completely confused and you’re getting more and more disheartened because you’re not making the money you want or you’re not able to do the things you love (instead you’re stuck doing all the crappy things!).  This session is not about seeing the whole picture – it’s about that first step…

“I had been struggling in my business– I felt that I was drowning and needed to talk to someone professional that would give me some good advice about business and balancing my life.

The session was absolutely brilliant because Yasmin challenged me to see my business from a different point of view and asked me questions that I found hard to answer – not because they were hard but because I had to think ‘outside the box’ if that makes sense.

As we talked I found Yasmin’s advice very wise and so easy to follow.  I’m glad I followed the prompts to the offer!  Thank you Yasmin for your wise words and advice.”

Esther Espinoza, Owner & Co-founder of GIGI Magazine, Australia 

Start your new year off with an inspired sense of focus – imagine yourself a year from now.  What would you need to have achieved, completed, started and maintained to have a fabulous 2014?  This is a great way to plan your life and business.  Think about what you want to create with the end in mind and just start!

I hope your January is going really well so far.  “How you do anything is how you do everything” so set the tone for your year and get crystal clear, focused and organised (and don’t forget to make time for downtime!)

With love and blessings,

Yasmin x

P.S. Here’s the link again to book your session.  I really look forward to serving you! 

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