We had an epic weekend in our house – huge upgrades to our living space and I am so excited!

What did we do? We put in a triple bunk bed for the kids.

So Big Bear is now on the top bunk and Little Bear is on the bottom bed.

Then we completely re-jigged the home office ( a LONG time coming ) so we can add a bed in there for guests and I am now officially in love with my new ‘ office corner ‘!

I especially love that I can now see all my books!

I don’t know about you but moving stuff around and decluttering creates a huge energy surge for me.

Business feels different already.

Life feels different.

It might sound crazy and you might be thinking ‘ why’s Yasmin making such a big deal about a desk, a bed and a bookshelf?!’

Truth is life can get stagnant and your energy can get stuck.

And doing a declutter and moving things around physically moves things aroundenergetically !

It’s giving me a different viewpoint – literally! I now have a different view from my desk and I am seeing a different side of the garden!

Even the kids are feeling it and they wouldn’t be thinking ‘ oh my energy is changing ‘.

They just think ‘ this feels good! 

Which is all we ever need to focus on – feeling good.

Staying focused in the moment and enjoying it all.

I’m learning and living this more and more every day.

Love and hugs

Yasmin x