This weekend I spent time reviewing what I am grateful for – there have been some truly tragic stories lately and my heart felt heavy when I think of the families who have experienced a terrible loss.  Sometimes those feelings can seem overwhelming you when you think about your life and how thankful you are that you have not experienced tragedy on this scale.

So, rather than feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, I decided to focus on what I am truly grateful for.  We’re coming into the time of year where families get together to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.  (Well, that’s the theory.  I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen in every family – unfortunately.)

As someone who doesn’t celebrate the meaning behind Christmas but enjoys the good humour and goodwill circulating, I use it as a time to reflect on the year, remember my friends and all the diamonds in my life who make being on earth such a special experience.

I did the same review process in my business and, as we come to the end of 2012, I am truly thankful for the support I have in my business – from all the mentors I have worked with this year, from my daily support team and from my peer group…The truth is I cannot do it all by myself and I am so grateful for all my diamonds.  So a big thank you to you all!

I would highly recommend you take some time today to be thankful for all you have and if you have tried to do it all yourself (us women tend to be guilty of this a lot!), then think about how you’re going to move forward in 2013 and what support you need to put in place to help you truly profit and thrive.


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