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“I booked Yasmin for our event as I remember well when I first met Yasmin at an event in Boyle. I was delighted to think that we had found somebody who totally got it about being a woman in business.  Our then President, Lucy was equally as impressed by Yasmin and by what she had to say.  We felt that Yasmin could identify with our members and that she was 100% relevant for them.

From the event, we were hoping for insights and implementable approaches, and for our members, on how to maximise the impact of our limited time for the best possible gain.

Yasmin delivered on her promise. She understood us – that was great.  And Yasmin proceeded to bring it home about what time means to us, its worth, and a framework for approaching how to get to the most valued results. A lot of heads were nodding in the audience, resonating with what she was saying.

There were many highlights of the evening; one example is how Yasmin showed us how to craft a succinct Elevator Pitch. We were already aware of the elevator pitch but Yasmin brought home a way of understanding and reflecting on this apparently simple but really difficult task; together with the importance of keeping things simple.

I would unreservedly recommend Yasmin as a speaker for events. We greatly appreciated when Yasmin came to meet with us at a coffee morning in order to research and collaborate with us in regard to our needs!”



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I love talking about business, marketing, productivity, time management, balancing/ juggling family with business and how to have a great business working just a few hours a day!

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