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Information is one thing, implementing is another.

Most of my coaching clients choose to work with me for an extended period of time so I can support you with implementing your tiny time strategy.

Most transformation is not overnight.

It’s a series of small steps taken consistently and that’s where the real magic happens.

I don’t promise 6 figures in 6 weeks.

What I want for you is a sustainable business, one that creates the money you want in the time you have.

And when we work together (over 3, 6 or 12 months) the coaching package gives you the support, accountability and implementation you need to make it happen!

Working over a longer period of time means I can support you day to day, with your challenges and celebrate with you when you’re winning!

What do we work on?

Lead Generation/ Prospectingyour business needs a pipeline of leads, I’ll show you how to do this effectively in your tiny time

Marketing Your Messagepeople need to know you exist so we’ll work on how you can market powerfully so you magnetise your idea clients (and how to do this in tiny pockets of time!)

Packaging Your Offersgot great services but nobody biting? We can change that FAST!

Sales Conversationshate the idea of sales but you know you need to get better? From role plays and structuring your sales conversations so it becomes your new normal

Productivityhow to get stuff done! (nothing more complicated than that!)

Time Managementhow to organise your time so you’re not flustered or overwhelmed

And more!

My coaching packages include

  • A one-day VIP Intensive
  • 2 coaching calls per month (2 x 1 hour calls each fortnight or 4 x 30 minute calls each week)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Gold Membership of the Momentum Circle for the duration
  • Full access to my library of courses (you use what you need) including

*Tiny Time Business School: The Only Practical & Hands-On Training on How to Grow A Service Business in 20 Hours A Week

*Webinars Made Easy: Create Your Client Attracting Webinar in 3 Hours and On A Shoestring

*Course Creation Bootcamp: Create Your Online Course in Just 6 Weeks 

*Easy Email Course Creation: Create Your Simple Email Course in 24 Hours

*Path to Profit Bootcamp

Investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business.

That’s why I have done it consistently over the last 15 years, starting with my very first Tony Robbins event, back in 2002. I have invested time and time again (even when I was in corporate) because I know I’m here to make a difference and I know you want to make a difference too.

Trying to do this alone just doesn’t work. It’s too hard and your own unique blend of self sabotage kicks in when you don’t have someone to hold you to the big vision I know you have for yourself, your family and your life.

So when you work with me, I take your results seriously.

You matter and that is how I approach my work.

And if after reading my blogs, listened to my podcast and videos, you think I am the right person to help you grow your business in your tiny time, I would be honoured and privileged to.

There is an investment but I trust that you will see that what I will help you do is recoup that investment many times over – AS LONG AS – you show up, do the work and stay open to the process.

Transformation isn’t all unicorns and sparkles.

Sometimes it gets muddy and sometimes it gets downright dark.

But that’s why I’m here.

So if you’re ready….let’s do this!

Book Your Free Discovery Call

If you’d like to know a price point for one on one coaching before you book a call, please note packages range from US$997-US$6,000.

Lovely, if working with me one on one is not within your budget at the momentplease do check out my monthly membership community, the Momentum Circle which is priced very affordably so you can still get the support you need.

You can read more client success stories here!

After buying and participating in several online courses like for instance B-School, I decided to finally invest in a 1-on-1 VIP day with Yasmin. I’d been a member of her Momentum Circle for 2 months before and felt I really needed some individual support and direction. I exhibit clear symptoms of entrepreneurial ADD: I have thousands of ideas, try to execute them all and then give up or don’t follow through completely on many of them…

As someone who has a degree in business and entrepreneurship, I always thought that I wouldn’t need any help with my own business, which of course is a total illusion.

It was great to work with someone so experienced, passionate and knowledgeable like Yasmin who looks at my business from a fresh, objective perspective, asks me challenging questions and spots my weaknesses.

What I particularly like about her approach is that she is all about implementation, consistency and accountability, which is what I struggle most at the moment. During our day together, she also shared many of her business tools that she’s suggesting to make the most of my tiny time.

If you’re lacking focus in your business, get overwhelmed really easily (which is more than common I’d say) or “simply” want to make the most of your time, I highly recommend working with Yasmin on a long term basis.

What I’ve also learned is to be more patient with myself, think long term and – as Yasmin really tries to hammer in – be CONSISTENT!

With your message, the way you work and you present yourself.

Thanks Yasmin!

Patricia Daly

Author, The Ketogenic Kitchen

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