When you have tiny time, getting big results can seem daunting.  It feels like you have a steep mountain to climb.  It feels like you’re constantly pushing.  It can feel impossible.

But there’s a reason why it feel so hard.

The truth is when you have tiny time; you have to be ruthless with it.  You don’t have the luxury of getting distracted and still get things done.  You don’t have the time so one of the biggest challenges of your tiny time is not having effective boundaries.

When I talk about boundaries, I am talking about all the things that can encroach on your time and energy as you work in and on your business.

So many members of my community share how hard it is to get anything done when their family interrupts them or if they work from home, how people assume they’ll be the “delivery girl” because they’re ‘at home’.  Or you get distracted with Facebook or the pile of laundry or the dinner.

I’ve had to learn to really focus and just eliminate everything (although I found it hard this morning because I’m really interested in the results of the elections!).  But I know I have to get this blog written and everything else on my success list has to be done by 1pm so I can collect little man.

My Quick Guide to Boundary Setting 

When setting boundaries, you need to think about 3 areas:

  1. Mental

What’s going on in your head?  Are you clear about what you need to get done or is the list in your head?  Write it down. Then clear the distractions.  Many times, we can be own worst enemy.  You start doing one thing then start another and another and before you know it; you’ve started 4 different tasks and finished nothing.

Ring-fence your mental energy so you know exactly what you need to be doing and when.  If you know you’re a morning person, get your most important/ creative task done first (that’s why I’m writing this before anything else!).  Harness your mental energy when it’s most potent.

  1. Emotional

Do you like to be the person who wants to be of service to everybody?  Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful quality to have but when it starts getting in the way of what you need to focus on, this is a recipe for poor results.

If you’ve told the family you’re not to be disturbed, do you then allow yourself to be disturbed?  If your friend wants to meet your for a coffee, do you drop everything because she sounds like she needs a friend?

You wouldn’t drop everything if you were working at a ‘job’ because you couldn’t.  Make sure you apply the same principle to your business.

The beauty of your business means you can be flexible and you can build it in but you call the shots.

  1. Physical

Are you the local post office collection service?  Always collecting deliveries for people? Are you always available because you’re working from home? Do your kids always interrupt you?  Setting physical boundaries is the next step from the emotional boundary setting.  Once you’re clear from an emotional perspective, the act of setting physical boundaries means you are now communicating those boundaries to others.

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This might feel uncomfortable but you need to tell your family and neighbours that you can’t do something (if you genuinely can’t).  If you’re recording a programme and cannot be disturbed, you can’t take that delivery in.

Let your kids know when it’s your work time.  I have office hours on my office door and although my children are too young to know what means, it helps hubby and me know when I need to work in the business.

Why is it especially critical for a tiny timer?

Setting boundaries means you’re taking the business seriously and others are taking your work seriously.  Tiny time need not be a challenge – you just need to know how to use it so you get the maximum result from your investment.

Here’s my challenge for you

This week, set one mental, emotional and physical boundary this week, put it in the comments box below and stick to it!

Let me know how you get on and how much more you were able to accomplish as a result!

Love and hugs,

Yasmin x