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I work with small business owners who are struggling to grow their business because they have limited time to dedicate to the business.

I help small business owners like you to

  • Nail your marketing message so it’s clear, compelling and magnetic!
  • Create and implement an automated authentic and powerful marketing strategy
  • Design products and programs that make it easy for you to be profitable in 20 hours a week (or less)
  • Manage your energy, not time and get the right things done (the things that actually make a difference!). No more being glued to your phone or laptop all the time!

If you’re like me and you want a business that works in 20 hours a week so you can enjoy more financial abundance, more time with loved ones and glorious flexibility….

You’re in the right place!

This is my mission! (very grand way of saying this is what I do!)

Honestly, I have no interest in the 24/7 hustle, simply because I don’t want my business to be the be-all and end-all.


That doesn’t mean I’m not serious about my business.

Your business means so much to you. You want it to succeed. It’s your baby. But right now, you feel like you’re neglecting it simply because you don’t have a lot of time.

I get that.

When you have got limited time (tiny time), we have to do things a little differently to everybody else.

Discover how to grow your business in 20 hours a week by taking the first step and book a Tiny Time Triage Call

There are 5 big blocks that stop you from having a profitable 20-hour week business and in my Tiny Time Triage Call, I can help you identify your biggest block.

Book your free Tiny Time Triage Call and let’s see what’s blocking you from having a profitable 20-hour week business!

I don’t do hype or magic pills or overnight success strategies (there’s no such thing!)

When you work with me, you get clarity, strategy, simplicity, accountability and honesty.

I work with people through my programs (for e.g. how to attract clients and cash consistently in 20 hours a week or less, how to create profitable and impactful online programs, how to create a signature program and turn it into multiple streams of income) and my consultancy services (for tailored and bespoke requirements).

Your Next Step…

Complete the form below to book your FREE Tiny Time Triage call and see if I can help you.

What do we do on this call?

We’ll talk about the 5 big blocks and what will move you past your biggest block and if I can help you do this.*

This is a no-obligation call, a chance for us to talk and see if I can help you.

Book below and I look forward to speaking with you.

Yasmin xxx

I know you probably want an idea as to how much it is to work with me before you book a call. I’m like that too.

I have a range of options to suit all budgets (self study programs start at $49, private coaching starts from $597). When you and I speak, we discuss what’s right for you.

You don’t have to make any decisions or commit if you’re not ready. This call is to see if I can help you and if we’re a good fit.

“After buying and participating in several online courses like for instance B-School, I decided to finally invest in a 1-on-1 VIP day with Yasmin. I’d been a member of her Momentum Circle for 2 months before and felt I really needed some individual support and direction. I exhibit clear symptoms of entrepreneurial ADD: I have thousands of ideas, try to execute them all and then give up or don’t follow through completely on many of them… As someone who has a degree in business and entrepreneurship, I always thought that I wouldn’t need any help with my own business, which of course is a total illusion.

It was great to work with someone so experienced, passionate and knowledgeable like Yasmin who looks at my business from a fresh, objective perspective, asks me challenging questions and spots my weaknesses. Ultimately, what I really want is provide the best service possible to my own clients. What I particularly like about her approach is that she is all about implementation, consistency and accountability, which is what I struggle most at the moment. During our day together, she also shared many of her business tools that she suggests using to make the most of my tiny time.

If you’re lacking focus in your business, get overwhelmed really easily (which is more than common I’d say) or “simply” want to make the most of your time, I highly recommend working with Yasmin on a long term basis. What I’ve also learned is to be more patient with myself, think long term and- as Yasmin really tries to hammer in – be CONSISTENT! With your message, the way you work and you present yourself.”

Patricia Daly

Author, The Ketogenic Kitchen

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