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#47: Let Your Brain Serve, Not Sabotage You in Business & Life

In this episode, I interview neuroscientist and author of 'Your Brain is Boss', Dr Lynda Shaw. I met Lynda recently and we hit it off talking about all things brain-related and I knew I wanted to share her with you!  This is a longer episode than usual but packed with...

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#46: Do This First Before Creating Your Premium Package

In this episode, let's talk about what you need to do before creating a premium package... Watch here Listen here Read More... Today I want to talk to you about the very first thing that you need to think about before you create a premium package. Firstly, what do I...

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#45: Should You Focus on 1:1 Clients or Create Your Online Program?

Watch here Listen here Read more... in today's episode let's talk about whether you should focus on one-on-one clients or whether you should get that online program up and running. So first of all, why should you focus on one-on-one clients? Well, I believe this is...

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#44: What To Do When Your Clients Can’t Afford You

In this episode, let's dig deep into what to do when your clients can't afford you... There are a few things you can do to help you avoid this objection and ideally, eradicate it from your business...FOREVER! Watch here Listen here Read more... Today let's talk about...

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Is Your Marketing Sticky Enough?

In this short Facebook Live video (3.39 mins), I talk about why your marketing message needs to be sticky...and I'd love to know - are you Superglue or a used Post-it?! https://www.facebook.com/tinytimeTVwithYasmin/videos/353730451780346/

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#42: How Webinars Can Grow Your Business Without Selling…

You might think a webinar is only for selling....well, I'm here to tell you they're not! Webinars are a great way to grow your business without a sales pitch....here's why! Watch here Listen Here The Lowdown You might be thinking, "Can I really do a webinar without...

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Where does your financial security live?

Do you believe your financial security lies in the amount of money you have? I know a lot of people subscribe to this belief. I did too. Until I read a book by Michael Neill and he wrote 'Financial security doesn't come from the amount of money you currently have. it...

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