Attracting a consistent flow of clients & cash means you know

  1. What you offer in your business – the problem you solve
  2. Who you offer it for – with precision and clarity
  3. How you deliver the outcome – how you package your outcome into programs, products and services

If you’re not clear on these 3, attracting consistent clients won’t be the issue.

Attracting ANY clients will your core challenge.

Most business owners struggle with this so don’t worry if you’re struggling right now (even if you’ve been in business for a few years).

The thing is once you have clarity on these 3 questions, now you can fully focus on attracting a continuous flow of clients and of course, income.

Below is my free guide on the 6 areas you need to focus on.

When you have tiny time, you need to be laser-like with your attention, energy and resources and this guide will show you how.


  • Know this….you are ALWAYS marketing!
  • Change your mind-set and see yourself as a marketer and be proud of it!
  • Reframe marketing as ‘sharing your message’
  • Marketing needs to be in your top 3 items every day
  • Establish a marketing calendar to keep you honest
  • Pick 2-3 ways you like to market and build them up
  • Ways to market: Weekly newsletter to your list, weekly blog post, podcasting, guest posting, PR, free giveaways…add your own!


  • Build your list ALL THE TIME
  • This is your tribe; nurture them and give them great value!
  • Think about the free gift (your opt in offer) you’re offering.  Is it getting the traction you want?  If no, what can you tweak/ change?
  • Don’t be afraid to test!
  • Think about free giveaways, FB ads, joint ventures, participate in FB or LinkedIn groups.
  • Actively find new people to come into your pipeline


  • Sales are the lifeblood of your business
  • How are you letting people know what you have to sell?
  • Regularly offer an initial consult to discuss how you can work together
  • Know the transformation you are offering intimately
  • Create a sales journey for your audience
  • Make it really easy for them to buy!


  • Do people see you and know you as the ‘go-to’ person in your field/ industry?
  • What can you do to increase your visibility?
  • Videos and blogs are a great way of getting out there!
  • Put that ‘little voice’ out of your mind that says you can’t
  • Sashay and shimmy who you are and your brand like your business depends on it….BECAUSE IT DOES!
  • Take a stand, be vocal, and share your ideas and thoughts!
  • Always think WIIFT (WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM?)


  • What are your top 3 ‘do without fail’ activities?
  • Make sure they are revenue generating, directly or indirectly.
  • Create a BIG PLAN (12 month), MEDIUM PLAN (quarterly) & LITTLE PLAN (monthly, weekly and daily).
  • Discipline with your schedule will mean you can enjoy more flexibility and time off!
  • Set boundaries and keep to them!
  • Don’t self-sabotage….get canny with your avoidance tricks!


  • Show your audience that you know what they want
  • If you’re not getting the results you want, chances are your offer is not hitting the sweet spot!
  • This can be frustrating…but keep going!
  • Speak to a particular pain and deliver a specific solution
  • Don’t let your scope go too big with your offers…keep it simple and succinct
  • Don’t overcomplicate and have a crazy menu with too many options!
  • Remember, a confused mind never buys!!
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