This is a common problem for business owners and more often than not, you’re probably more in than on.

Now this isn’t like belly buttons….where you’re either an ‘innie’ or an ‘outie’ (I know, strange comparison but stick with me) because with your business you can do BOTH.

In fact, you need to do both!

But very few business owners do and that’s when they get stuck in a muddle!

During my one-day Big Results Intensive, I work with business owners to help them take the time to work ON their business and not IN it.

So instead of doing all those ‘itty bitty jobs’ or the admin or the client work that is the majority of your focus, you actually step away to look at your business as one glorious whole.

And honestly, each time I work with someone in this way, I am powerfully reminded of just how important it is to actually step away from your business and cast a critical eye over it…

This is Mary’s story:


I was about to message you this but then thought, what the heck.. maybe someone else might benefit from seeing how bloody brilliant I think you are!

Thank you SO much for the fantastic VIP day and follow up call we’ve just had. It’s exactly a month to the day since we met in Carrick and I’ve been moving like a freight train since.

I booked the day because I was a bit muddled up. I knew the direction I wanted to go before the day itself but I was too immersed in the business to pull together the pathway to get there.

There are so many directions I can take my business, but I knew I needed to maximize my resources right now to get the results the business deserves.

I was confident that Yasmin could help me think clearer about it all with her matter of fact, no-bull eyes on the business and I wanted Yasmin to help me strip away the bits that don’t make me happy and that don’t pay me for my time adequately.

Being part of your Momentum Circle has in itself steered me and pushed me more in the few months I’ve been there than in all the time I’ve had my lingerie label (Sioda Lingerie).

Coming away from that Friday, I had a lot to rejig in my head and remould. It was then in the lead up to the follow up, and through it, that the final elements started to totally click into place.

Working with you has been the BEST THING I’ve done for me and my business Yasmin.

If I could go back to myself as I started my business or even a year ago, I’d tell myself to get talking to you!”

Mary is an amazing woman I have been working with and you have to see what she’s creating here…‘The Most Expensive Garter In The World’!

“I’m going to take a few scrawls on a sketch book and turn it into a bespoke handmade 24 carat gold and silk lace garter, encrusted with delicate fine diamonds….and my first one will capture an ancient Irish love story in an exquiste bridal heirloom.”

Can you get a sense of just how excited she is to create this beauty?!

Here’s the thing….when you get stuck working IN your business for what feels like little money in comparison to the effort and passion you bring to it, it can be SO frustrating!!

And it’s even more frustrating when you realise you could be doing more of the stuff you love to do and making better money.

Another one of my Intensives was with a real hidden gem…Marie Bradley of Nourish and Nurture with Marie.

This woman is extremely talented and knowledgeable about body massage, body treatments and raw foods.

During our day together, she showed me how you can make fermented foods a part of your healthy lifestyle and I was totally bowled over by her passion and her veggie garden and yet she was struggling….

This is Marie’s story….

“I am so glad I made the decision to invest in a 1 day Intensive with you Yasmin Vorajee!!. Why didn’t I do this a year ago instead of wasting so much time and energy faffing about in confusion, causing unnecessary stress and debt…??!

Thank you so much!! Feel like I’ve been dragged out of a swamp, dusted off and put in a new suit and business plan that I love.. <3″

And Audra’s story is similar…Audra is brilliant at helping women get over their money blocks but sometimes the way your business is run can make you lose sight of your own message.

“If you’ve been considering booking a VIP day with Yasmin but haven’t quite gotten around to it – get around to it.

I’ve spent thousands on working with coaches and have gotten nowhere near the results in six months that I got with Yasmin in 6 hours.

Within 48 hours of my VIP day I’ve rebranded, re-focused and re-ignited my passion for my business.

I have 3 income streams and a signature system that totally excites me.

I also walked away with an action plan so that I could start building the momentum immediately.

I was on the verge of giving up but fortunately allowed myself to invest one last time and what a fantastic investment that was.

Thank you Yasmin, I really can’t put into words how grateful I am.”

Audra, the Wealth Mistress!

So what does this mean for you??

Short answer…PLENTY!

If you’re tired of sitting down at your desk, feeling heavy and pretty crappy about

***What’s in store for you in the days and weeks ahead or if

***You’re wondering what you’re doing wrong or

***Why everyone else is doing really well and not you

I want you to ask yourself these 4 critical questions:

*What EXACTLY am I working towards?
*Do I feel INSPIRED by this?
*Am I LOVING what I am doing right now?
*Does my business PAY me what I want?

I want you to ask yourself these questions even if things seem to be going ok right now.

You don’t have to feel crappy to know you want your business to be more profitable!

If you’re not happy with your answers and you’re 100% committed to your business, I would strongly urge you to book a SpotLight Session with me and let’s talk about how to get your business to be more profitable and fun-filled!

More often than not, a few simple tweaks will take you further than you realise but only if you take the time to work ON your business, not IN it.

I only have 3 SpotLight sessions left this week so be sure to grab your free session before they disappear!

Chat soon?

Yasmin x