Hi lovely! Today I want to take you behind the scenes.

I’m doing a bit of work at the moment on building a new client attraction system as I’m looking at where I want to focus my attention and efforts in my three to four hours a day.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to show you behind the scenes and show you what building a client attraction system actually looks like.

And, I want you to think about how you can apply this in your business, if it makes sense.

Tiny Time Big Results us all about how you attract high quality clients in your limited time and my program teaches how to attract clients and cash in four hours a week because let’s face it, in your 20 hour week business, you’re not going to be marketing all the time (you have other demands on your time)

With my 3-4 hours a day, I’ve got to be very ruthless about how I spend my time.

So let’s go back to last year where I was getting to the point where I was not getting enough done so I knew I needed something that was going to keep me on track.

I have a paper diary that tells me about my appointments and all that kind of stuff.

But that’s not really that useful to me when I’m thinking about I need to focus on.

I had a lot of stuff going on in my head and I needed to write it down.

So I created a weekly one page spotlight sheet.

And it forced me to look at what actually grows my business – the marketing I am doing, the client work that is scheduled, the number of sales conversations booked in, my revenue goal etc so it keeps me focused.

So I started using it myself and filing each week away as a record (for when I do my reviews).

And I got really great results by using this simple one-page document.

So because I was getting great success with this, I decided to share it with my clients, and they’re getting great success with it as well because it’s keeping them focused and that can be so hard to do when you have limited time!

So I’ve decided to share it with you!

And this is the first piece of the client attraction system.

For you to be able to access it, I need to create an opt in page, a thank you page and to nurture our relationship, I will need to write an email sequence.

It’s the first part of the bigger picture which is the client attraction system that works in four hours a week.

If you want people to come into your world and work with you, you have to give them a taster of you so they can experience you and your work.

You offer them something for free (something that is very valuable) in exchange for their email address.

And then you build and nurture that relationship.

They may come and work with you and they may not, but that’s okay.

What you’re doing is you’re putting out valuable content that helps them to see how you could add value to them and their lives.

It doesn’t matter what line of business you’re in.

You can do something similar to this.

Invite people into your world, give them a taster and nurture until they see you’re perfect for them.

This does take a bit of time to set up but once it’s done, it works all the time for you.

As long as you keep adding fuel to the system which is what we talk about in the program as well.

You keep adding the fuel and you will get clients.

You will grow your business.

Want a copy?

This spotlight sheet which will help you stay focused in your business every week because it will show you exactly what you need to work on e.g. if you have no sales conversations booked in, and that’s the main way you enrol clients, you know your focus has to be on getting sales conversations booked in.

There are core things that you can do on a weekly basis that will really help to grow your business.

And if you find that you’re just so busy all the time but not getting very far, this will keep you super focused.

The beauty of this is when you look at everything you’ve accomplished, it’s a great sense of achievement.

And even if you haven’t got everything done (life gets in the way!), it’s still a great sense of achievement because you know you’re focused on the work that gets results.

If you want a copy of the Spotlight Sheet, comment below and I’ll make sure to let you know when the page is ready for you to claim your copy.

In the meantime, I would love to hear your comments, your thoughts, and if you have any questions about this process and how to implement in your business, you can book a time to speak with me


Yasmin xxx