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Meet Yasmin…

Hi lovely! I’m Yasmin, the founder and creator of Tiny Time Big Results and I believe we don’t have to work long hours to have a thriving business.

In fact I believe you can be profitable and productive even if you only have a few hours a day.

If you’re like me and you’re growing your business and nurturing your family (my 3 children are 6, 3 and baby), I know time can be a challenging.

But instead of seeing it as a challenge, I like to see it as a unique opportunity!

My superpower is helping you get the most out of every minute you do have and turn what you know into a profitable business!

To find out more about Tiny Time Big Results, visit this page where I show you how this whole shebang works…

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And if you’d like to jump straight in and get my help in your business, book your complimentary Business Breakthrough Session Here!

In this session, I will help you map out how you can grow your business in only a few hours a day!

If you like what you hear and you decide you’d like to work with me, we can chat about your goals and options – I have a number of options, to suit different budgets. And if working with me isn’t for you right now, I still promise that you WILL walk away from the session with a clear plan on how to get big results with your tiny time!

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What People Are Saying

“If you’ve been considering booking a VIP day with Yasmin but haven’t quite gotten around to it – get around to it. I’ve spent thousands on working with coaches and have gotten nowhere near the results in six months that I got with Yasmin in 6 hours. Within 48 hours of my VIP day I’ve rebranded, re-focused and re-ignited my passion for my business. I have 3 income streams and a signature system that totally excites me. I also walked away with an action plan so that I could start building the momentum immediately. I was on the verge of giving up but fortunately allowed myself to invest one last time and what a fantastic investment that was.

Thank you Yasmin, I really can’t put into words how grateful I am.”

Audra D

The Wealth Mistress

“After buying and participating in several online courses like for instance B-School, I decided to finally invest in a 1-on-1 VIP day with Yasmin. I’d been a member of her Momentum Circle for 2 months before and felt I really needed some individual support and direction. I exhibit clear symptoms of entrepreneurial ADD: I have thousands of ideas, try to execute them all and then give up or don’t follow through completely on many of them… As someone who has a degree in business and entrepreneurship, I always thought that I wouldn’t need any help with my own business, which of course is a total illusion.

It was great to work with someone so experienced, passionate and knowledgeable like Yasmin who looks at my business from a fresh, objective perspective, asks me challenging questions and spots my weaknesses. Ultimately, what I really want is provide the best service possible to my own clients. What I particularly like about her approach is that she is all about implementation, consistency and accountability, which is what I struggle most at the moment. During our day together, she also shared many of her business tools that she suggests using to make the most of my tiny time.

If you’re lacking focus in your business, get overwhelmed really easily (which is more than common I’d say) or “simply” want to make the most of your time, I highly recommend working with Yasmin on a long term basis. What I’ve also learned is to be more patient with myself, think long term and- as Yasmin really tries to hammer in- be CONSISTENT! With your message, the way you work and you present yourself.”

Patricia Daly

Author, The Ketogenic Kitchen

“I have worked with Yasmin through her online programme and a group programme and Yasmin has taught me that it’s OK to dream BIG! She ‘keeps you on your toes’ with your weekly accountability and puts a certain amount of pressure on you, as business owner, to stick to your commitments.

Before working with Yasmin, I had very short term goals, now, my goals and dreams are shared with my family and are long term and visual so that I no longer ‘assume’ everyone can read my mind! We seemed to have packed SO MUCH into the time we had together.

If you have a business frustration or are at a loss about accelerating your business, I HIGHLY recommend you get in touch with Yasmin, her friendly (but firm) approach will help you identify the root cause and help you move your business in the right direction!

I cannot thank Yasmin enough for how she has changed my business and life!”

Nicole Kirk

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